Award After Award: ACP’s Wins at the Chandler Innovation Fair!

Ladies and gentlemen, ACP just keeps winning! Whether we continue to score goals, baskets, and other points on the field, create intriguing arguments with solid defenses within a debate round, or cultivate an ever-growing culture of success and knowledge within our endless clubs, our students are nothing short of extraordinary. However, today’s story of success comes from our science department and their encouragement for students to participate in the Chandler Innovation Fair. According to the website itself, “CIF goes beyond traditional science and engineering fairs to encourage innovation in a range of categories that cut across multiple content areas…the student-centric fair incorporates opportunities for students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to showcase their skills in authentic learning experiences. Partnering with professional organizations and businesses in the area gives our students the chance to see how STEM skills are applied in the workforce. Working professionals willing to share their journey and experiences can have a profound and positive effect on helping inspire our students to continue with their love of science, technology, engineering, math, and innovation!” Even more impressively, one of our very own seniors, Michelle Sheikh, won Best of Fair in the Biological Science category! Luckily, I had the change to interview her on her success, so let’s get into it!

Michelle Sheikh

Q: How does it feel to win such an incredible competition?

A: It was honestly really exciting! I never really had any expectations that my project would do that well or would place as well as it did. So I was pretty shocked and excited.

Q: Can you give our readers a background on what the competition is about and what your project focused on?

A: The Chandler Innovation Fair previously known as HISEF is the district science fair where projects can compete for a spot at AZSEF. The Chandler Innovation Fair celebrates and showcases the STEM and science culture of CUSD. This year there were over 1,000 students participating and 748 project entries. My project is about using flavonoids ( various compounds found in fruits and vegetables) as a low cost alternative antibiotic for burn wound infections. My project aims to provide under developed countries a viable antibiotic alternative as drug supply chains don’t provide the necessary antibiotics to under developed countries.

Q: What made you interested in STEM? Do you plan on pursuing it further?

A: I first became interested in STEM during my freshman year when I did a project looking at if garlic could be just as effective as amoxicillin. I really loved the research design process and decided to keep going with it throughout high school! To continue my passion for STEM I plan on working in healthcare as a physician!

Q: What was your favorite part about participating? How about your least favorite?

A: My favorite part about participating was  giving my interview with judges since it allows me the chance to further explain my project. My least favorite part is the days leading up to the competition since I had to pull all-nighters trying to make my powerpoint better.

Q: Now, for a fun one! What’s your favorite element on the periodic table?

A: My favorite element would have to be Potassium because of this joke someone told me once! Hey want to hear a joke about potassium?… K

Before we end, Knights, here’s a list of all the other winners in this district-wide competition:

Remember to congratulate all of these wonderful participants when you see them around campus! Strive for the impossible, be extraordinary, and stay safe out there!

Michelle Sheikh

Animal Sciences

  • Rayna Shaik (1st Place),
  • Omina Nematova and Kaitlyn Lai (2nd Place),
  • Nathan McMahon (3rd place)

Behavior and Social Sciences

  • Ivan-Alexander Kroumov


  • Naina Shaik and Pauline Kousoulas (2nd place)

Biomedical and Health Sciences

  • Hiwot Endeshaw (1st Place)
  • Niharika Abbaraju (2nd Place)
  • Ian Kung (3rd Place)
  • Clarice Nguyun (Honorable Mention)


  • Shanthi LeBonheur (1st place)

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

  • Michael Lau (2nd place)
  • Yaniv Briker (3rd place)

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Aahana Dugar, Blake Enwiller, Nevan Hanford (3rd place)
  • Jordan Hill (Honorable mention)

Energy – Sustainable Materials and Design

  • Humza Choudhury (2nd Place)
  • Caitlin Patarakun (3rd place)

Environmental Engineering

  • Mihira Karnik (3rd place)
  • Rish Nayak (Honorable Mention)


  • Alena Appiah (3rd place)
  • Deangelo Brasen (Honorable Mention)


  • Justin Lee and Raymond Tsai (1st Place)
  • Diya Nath (2nd Place)
  • Prajin Kamappan and Suryatej Vakkalanka (Honorable Mention)

Physics and Astronomy

  • Dylan Banhart (3rd Place)
  • Jason Tells (Honorable mention)

Computer Sciences

  • Airlines Ticketing : Ashley Yang
  • Find a Country: Sehyuk Park