The Triple E’s of Studying in Quarantine

During these past four weeks, if you’re like me, you’ve been cooped up in a room with a laptop, a couple of textbooks, your favorite source of caffeine (iced coffee, anyone?), and some snacks. While this may be comfortable for some, many high school students are struggling to adapt to this newer way of learning from home. However, setting up your at-home classroom can be simple with certain things in mind. Before we delve into the tidbits of wisdom I can only hope to provide, I want to put a couple disclaimers out there. Some of the things mentioned in this article may not work for you and that’s completely okay! Taking this time during quarantine to figure out what methods and habits work for you, as these skills are going to be beneficial for the rest of your days. Also, your mental and physical health take priority over a letter grade. YOU come before that test score or late assignment; after all, how are you going to keep kicking butt when you’re burnt out? With that out of the way, let’s get into it!


Let’s get the nitty-gritty out of the way, folks. In order to get the most out of your online experience, respecting the new environment your teacher has worked so hard to comprehend and set up is paramount. To show said respect, there’s a couple of easy things you could do. For one, try to stay muted for the entirety of the live stream/call until your teacher gives you permission to talk or share any thoughts. Revolutionary, I know. This will just help the class move along smoothly and will give your teacher the opportunity to thoroughly answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, keep unrelated chats to a minimum. You may be one heck of a comedian, but trust me, this is not the time you want to be a class clown. Everyone’s still acclimating to this new, digital world; having a little empathy is much more helpful than a joke. Wait until the comedy clubs open up after quarantine or something. Finally, having your camera on or not depends upon what your teacher would like; just respect their wishes if they would like to see your beautiful, beaming face or not.


While you may not be in a cramped wooden desk surrounded by your fellow tired peers, you can totally transform your room of choice into your own personal haven for learning. First off, pick a room. Sounds easy, right? Well, get ready for this; DO NOT DO WORK ON YOUR BED! From a psychological standpoint, this is beyond detrimental to both your retainment of information and your sleep schedule. Once you begin doing homework in bed, your brain associates this space with said homework and sleeping. Try to separate these spaces so you can be productive while getting a good night’s sleep. Try a desk or maybe a room that just isn’t your bedroom.

Let’s talk cleanliness. While you may be rolling your eyes at this article right now, the state of your environment is beyond important to conducive learning. In order to clear head space and reduce stress, your learning space should be slightly organized. As a girl with some kind of method to my madness, I just stack books and notes together by subject and that’s enough for me; however, this varies for everyone. Also, please make your bed if you’re working in your room. I don’t mean to sound like your mother, but making a bed in the morning is like accomplishing a simple yet meaningful task…especially if your teacher can see it from your camera.

Next up, personalize it with some things that you enjoy. Whether that be lighting a cute candle, playing music that you love, having your favorite snack or drink next to you, or letting your pet attend some classes with you, this is your chance to experiment with some aspects that help your productivity and enjoyment of certain classes. I know homework may not be everyone’s favorite thing in the world, but if you can start making mental associations between things you enjoy and your academic to-d0 list, I assure you that schoolwork will become a breeze. Personally, I let my two cats sleep on my bed while I work at my desk with a candle, some lofi music, and a cup of iced coffee.


So this word may not make a lot of sense when you first look at it, but think about it like this: the essence of a positive attitude and productivity is a healthy mind and body. So, it’s self-care time! To be the best person you can be, make sure to check in on yourself. If you need a break, please take one and do whatever you need to. Whether it be establishing a skincare routine, having a mini dance party in front of a mirror, or taking a relaxing bath, anything that makes you mentally happy can be self-care. Finding and indulging in a hobby counts too! Paint, write, jam out, sculpt, water your plants; anything goes. Also, if you are interested, our social worker, Mrs. Swanson, will be holding mindfulness sessions on ELO days!

Another incredible hobby to have is exercising. I know, a lot of us don’t really want to leave the couch after watching Gilmore Girls for a solid three hours, but exercise is so beneficial for your body and mind! Even if it’s just 20 minutes of cardio or a quick yoga session, your body will thank you for the extra dose of serotonin you gave it. Like Mrs. Swanson, Coach Lefevre is also holding open yoga sessions on ELO days as well.

Alright Knights, I truly hope I was able to give you some useful tips on surviving our odd educational environment. Remember to strive for the impossible, be extraordinary, and stay hydrated!