ACP’s 1st Official “GooseChase!”

ACP's 1st Official

It’s undeniable that COVID has dampened many of our plans as a school; homecoming and other festivities are a memory of the past and the future looks bleak. However, our very own Student Government is trying their best to bring that necessary light back to ACP’s dimly-lit breezeways. Starting on October 28th and running until the 30th, STUGO proudly gives you, our wonderful student body, ACP’s 1st annual GooseChase! As best described by Aliyah Jones, the event’s head coordinator, “GooseChase is a scavenger hunt that you can download on your phone.” From that, you can then search up the “Haunted Hunt” and find your class; make sure to enter the correct password to do so! “Once you’re in, be sure to put your real name and you’ll be able to view a list of missions when the game goes live.”

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what exactly am I supposed to do? Run around and tear apart campus trying to find small objects?” Well, not quite…Aliyah adds that, in order to complete missions, “you take pictures of whatever the mission says to do. This can include eating a candy apple or taking a picture with your decorated house. After you take the picture, you can submit it and get the points. If you don’t follow the actual mission, however, we are forced to delete your submission.”

Finally, here’s the best part. What exactly will your prize be if you complete the most missions successfully? “If you get the most points out of your class, you can win a gift basket with candy, festive items, and a free dress pass,” notes Aliyah. So, one individual from each class is eligible to win! Well, I know how I’ll be spending the rest of my week, and hopefully you do too! Best of luck in your endeavors to win the spookiest scavenger hunt ACP has to offer, Knights!