Subject: Let’s Chat, Class of ’21

Subject: Let's Chat, Class of '21

To Whom it May Concern,

Hey. I hope you’re doing well. Finals are coming up, so that must be stressful…but the same routine has been spun three times before, so I wouldn’t worry. I understand if you aren’t though. I get it. You feel unmotivated, even empty. On top of senioritis, there’s not much to look forward to. The world appears to be quite grey at the moment; COVID cases spike everyday, people blatantly disregard the rules set in place for our safety, and the social and literal climate of our world lights aflame with every strained breath taken. You shouldered this massive burden yourself for a while, and it’s admirable. However, it will be your downfall.

You know your strength, you just don’t know your limits. While we are trained to go into the world knowing exactly what our path is and where it leads, life will never be that simple. Saving the world that was forcefully shoved upon us from neglectful generations of the past is not our prime responsibility; just like those before us, we should be able to be content within our skin and show a little humility. While resculpting the world into a Neo-Renaissance art piece would be paradise, the burden of flipping society on its head is not solely your own. Every person, currently living on this planet, is responsible for how we carry on. Do we do it violently, peacefully, with a purpose, or wing it? That’s for every person to decide for themselves. As for you, your present and future are no different; no one decides what you truly do except for you. You are in control of your situation, but you have others to support and reinforce your choices. You’re never truly alone…but your life is in your hands. Isn’t that just ethereal? The moral of the story is…you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. No matter where you go from here…it’s going to be whimsical.

So, in the words of one of my favorite musicians, Atlas, “Cheer up, you beautiful loser.” Take a breath. Find hues within the grey fog. You got this.

With all of my heart,