A Chat with Athlete of the Month Anya Hawkins!

In spite of all the changes every aspect of ACP faces this year, our sports program has been resilient and determined in consistently succeeding. Even if practices look different and games must be played with masks on, our athletic Knights always persevere and strive to define themselves by their good spirits, optimism, and sportsmanship as opposed to their otherwise negative scenario. One way that our coaches have devised to honor the athletes are by choosing an “Athlete of the Month” based off of exemplary traits that team members must uphold during their season. Fittingly, during the course of our girl’s soccer season this year, a certain junior has shined brightly and set a wonderful example for everyone on the team; luckily, I had the opportunity to chat with our local club and school soccer star, Anya Hawkins! Let’s get into it.

Anya Hawkins

Q: How does one get the athlete of the month award and how are you feeling about receiving it?

A: Honestly, I don’t know why I was picked for athlete of the month. Any one of my teammates could’ve received the award because they’re all so smart, hardworking, responsible, and always strive and desire to do their best on and off of the field!

Q: How has your soccer season changed in the face of COVID-19?

A: Due to COVID-19, we have to wear a mask at all times during practice and games. At first, wearing a mask had a huge impact solely because it made me feel out of condition; however, it became slowly and slightly easier to breathe normally without feeling unusual.

Q: Are you still finding enjoyment in playing? What are some little things you do to keep your spirits up?

A: Of course, I’m still finding enjoyment in soccer with my team! Practice and games can sometimes be stressful and even intense, but my teammates’ positive energy lightens the mood and makes soccer more enjoyable everyday.

Q: What is your favorite part of playing soccer as a whole?

A: My favorite part of playing soccer is getting to have fun with my friends! Ultimately, soccer has a large impact on me because it has brought so many of my closest friends into my life. For example, I met my best friend, Taylor Brandon (ACP varsity starting center back), when we were kids playing recreational soccer. Overall, soccer has brought a lot of joy in my life, but the best aspect is having some amazing friends right by my side.

Anya Hawkins

Q: Finally, a fun one! If you could meet a historical figure over dinner, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

A: Oh, easy! It would have to be Crystal Dunn. Personally, she has had a major impact in getting me into attacking in soccer while playing defense. When I was a kid, I remember being told to not go up because that was my role as a defensive player, but watching Crystal Dunn on the U.S.A women’s national soccer team move up with such confidence outside of the defense range really influenced how I play today!

A big thank you to Anya Hawkins for sitting down to chat with me! From all of our Knights to you, we hope the rest of your season is nothing but great. Remember to strive for the impossible, be extraordinary, and stay hydrated, guys!