ACP’s “Knight in Shining Armor”: Lucy Johnson

Surprisingly, much like other high schools, ACP has many time-old traditions that are both unique and districtwide! One of the most iconic has to be CUSD’s unique AAA award. Every year, one lucky student, staff person, and  volunteer is nominated by a CUSD school’s faculty to highlight their work, service, and spirit toward their school, students, and community. After much deliberation and discussion between our faculty members and a decided committee, our very own Lucy Johnson was chosen to receive this incredibly honored award! You may have seen her zooming around campus on her sick gold cart, helping to clean up campus after a long school day, or decorating different hallways for the holidays! Her dedication to ACP in the short time that we’ve known her is legendary and, honestly, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! I had the opportunity to talk to her about the award, her work on campus, and about some advice that all of us could use. Let’s get into it!

Kristin Patterson

Q: Congratulations on your win! How do you feel about winning this unique award?

A: I feel so honored and appreciated by our school staff! It feels amazing to be recognized for the little things that I’m able to do here and there!

Kristin Patterson

Q: What’s your favorite part about decorating our school?

A: My favorite part about decorating our school is using my imagination and putting smiles on people’s faces! Being able to be creative within a space that I’m already so familiar with is beyond fun.

Q: So I’ve heard that you love to bake! What’s your favorite thing to put on the menu?

A: I love baking cakes! I made one in the shape of a school bus once and our staff adored it.

Q: What are some things that you enjoy about ACP and working “behind the scenes?”

A: I enjoy ACP because of the respectfulness and the kindness of our students, staff, and community. Helping others is a huge passion of mine, and I love that I can do it on such a large-scale.

Q: What advice do you have for those going through the year? How are you holding up?

A: Be positive, be safe, be kind, and consider others. As for me, I’m trying to stay positive in the face of some of the extra duties I have to do because of COVID.

Well, Knights, I hope this provides some insight on the award itself and our very own Lucy Johnson! Please thank her for all that she does around campus and shoot her a quick “congrats” in passing! Stay safe out there, Knights!