A Crewmember’s Perspective: Let’s Talk About Trader Joe’s Products!

Ever since I began working at Trader Joe’s in late January, I’ve been in awe of the story, products, and employees who keep each and every store running at its best capacity. I can proudly say with my entire chest that Trader Joe’s has fully integrated itself into modern day media, advertisement psychology, and even worldwide economics. Even if, in reality, TJ’s is a multi-million dollar corporation, it never appears that way, and this is where the appeal forms. Each product happens to have a unique story as it originates from all around the world as it’s decorated with a handmade sign that’s unique to every location. Honestly, I’m forever grateful to be given the opportunity to work with such incredible people with beautiful souls who genuinely care about their clientele. So, even though I’ve only been employed there for a short while, I’ve been a longtime fan with some longtime favorites that I would love to recommend to my lovely audience. Let’s get into it, folks!

In-and-Out Sauce…Sold at Trader Joe’s?


Well…not quite. Found in any grocery aisle of the store, Trader Joe’s “Magnifisauce” is a tangy, orange-toned sauce that one could almost compare to the same one at In-And-Out. According to the Trader Joe’s website, this product “is a truly special sauce whose flavors harken to an array of classic condiments, with the subtle tang of vinegar, and a spread of spices. In other words, it’s made with slow-food ingredients, but a squeeze of the bottle gets you the best of the fast-food experience.” I’ve tried it on an array of foods such as turkey and veggie burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and even as a main component of making coleslaw! It’s a super flexible product, and, for only $2.99, I would definitely say it is worth the price. Even if its overall notoriety has declined, it’s still a personal favorite that I would recommend to anyone and everyone!

A Bite-Sized Taste of India: Mini Vegetable Samosas

Ok, this is going to sound like a bold statement, but, this has to be my favorite frozen product from Trader Joe’s. For those that adore Indian cuisine, these little samosas are perfectly filling and are packed with a unique spice and texture. The website notes that these are “three-sided pastries with a crisp exterior, made from a special Phyllo-type dough that creates a multilayered, flaky package for the filling. Speaking of the filling, each triangle is packed corner-to-corner with a curry-like mixture of peas, carrots, potatoes, lentils, onions, and Indian spices…The vegetables are tender & mildly spicy, filling your mouth with warm flavors redolent of the Indian subcontinent.” What a description, am I right?! While this product can be eaten just fine by itself, I usually find myself dipping it in a mix of ketchup and Siracha. Overall, if you like spicy foods and are okay with experimenting with some new flavors, these little guys are the appetizers for you! At $3.49 a box, they’re a pretty affordable and


delectable snack! As a note, the chicken ones are pretty good too, but these vegetable ones definitely have my heart.

Gummies of the Sea: Scandinavian Swimmers

These are a classic! If you’re looking for a cute, gummy snack that’s filled with fruity flavors, this is the product for you. The website states that “crafted nowhere near Norway (or any of the other Scandinavian countries), these Swimmers are made for us by a family-owned-and-operated American company in the western U.S. known for such sweets. The process is mesmerizing; we know because we’ve seen it…Unique molds depicting sea life shapes are filled with a sugar and cornstarch mixture that is brightly colored by fruit and vegetable extracts. Natural flavors impart huckleberry flavor to the blue dolphins, berry flavor to the red lobsters, mango-peach flavor to the yellow sea horses, and orange flavor to the orange Rock Fishes.”


These guys are a bit different from other foods like Swedish Fish; you see, it’s all in the texture. While most gummies can be stiff and sticky, these swimmers are chewy and go down smoothly, adding to the natural flavors that are already present. Overall, these gummies make for awesome snacks, gifts, or candy bowls! For $2.99 a bag, they are worth every penny…my mouth’s watering just talking about them. There are also sour ones available year-around and seasonal counterparts!

The Best Floral Facial Mist: Rose Water Toner

I know most people go to Trader Joe’s for food products, but their health and skincare section is to live for! One of my all-time favorite products has to be the Rose Water Facial Toner, which I use to gently sooth and mist my face after moisturizing, but it can be used as a standalone toner as well. As the website describes it is “formulated with real Damask rose water and Damask rose oil (to bedew and moisturize), witch hazel (to balance and tone), and a bit of Quillaja saponaria (soapbark) extract (to soften and condition). Best of all, it smells exactly like a fresh, blooming rose—so you’ll actually smell the roses while you’re taking a moment to stop, relax, and… smell the roses.”


This stuff is addicting and I’m sure it’ll become a staple in your skincare routine. As a note, please make sure to read the ingredients and test lightly on a spot of skin for any allergic reactions, as you should with any skincare product.

Well, Knights, I hope this little guide to some products make your next Trader Joe’s trip more exciting and experimental. Maybe I’ll see you there! Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary, folks.