Album Recommendations to Get You Through the Semester!

Through the turbulence that has been all of 2020 and even 2021, every human can be united through different mediums, even at a distance. Whether it be shared hobbies, books, knowledge, food, and more, we find ourselves becoming more and more resilient than we have ever realized. However, in my humble opinion, one particular aspect of human creation that has been around for centuries is the strongest glue that can unify everyone, no matter age, race, status, or beliefs; this, my dear readers, is music. No matter what app, CD, record player, or laptop you use, we all have our favorite artists, songs, parodies, and podcasts that we can all enjoy. What makes it better, however, is when we can share our love for any of them with those we care about. So, as a “gift” to you wonderful people, let’s go over some absolute bangin’ albums to, hopefully, add some spice to your daily routine, hobbies, homework, and long drives!

52nd Street-Billy Joel

Of course, we must start with a classic! Billy Joel is the master of conveying several emotions through all of his songs. Especially in this one, he’s able to eloquently place feelings of melancholy, loneliness, and nostalgia within songs that, at a glance, can sound incredibly joyous and are easy to dance to. Filled to the brim with meaningful lyrics, jazzy interludes, and incredibly interesting viewpoints from a cultural icon, 52nd Street must be a staple in your listening repertoire. Some songs that I personally enjoy the most have to be “Zanzibar,” “Big Shot,” and “Rosalinda’s Eyes!”

AM-Arctic Monkeys

Ah, yes…an alternative must. If you haven’t listened to much by Arctic Monkeys quite yet, this is your perfect introduction into their music and even the alternative rock genre as a whole. The unique part about these guys, at least in my mind, has to be their use of their bassist, Nick O’Malley. With most songs, the bass is more of a background noise that, while still crucial to a song’s makeup, may not be noticeable to listeners who aren’t trying to find it. However, in the majority of songs in this incredible album, the bass is a key part and a defining sound, lacing these unique “love” songs with ominous and sultry tones. A couple of my absolute favorites have to be “Knee Socks,” “I Wanna Be Yours,” and “Fireside.”

Neon Impasse-City Girl


While this one is more of a background filler, this album is beyond cute, and even a little introspective! With little lyrics, this type of music would most likely fall into the category of “lofi,” or study music. With relaxing EDM beats and even some natural sounds, Neon Impasse was City Girl’s major introduction into mainstream music and into the endless lofi playlists one can easily find on Spotify. As a tip, it’s best to listen to this album in order, as many songs lead into the next. Some of my all-time favorites have to be “Obsidian Skyline,” “Ji-Eun’s Sunset,” and “Velvet Garden.”

Mood Ring-Hot Flash Heat Wave

While this is technically an EP, Mood Ring is one of Hot Flash Heat Wave’s newest releases. As one of my favorite bands of all time and the number 1 artist on my Spotify Wrapped, I’m obligated to tell you about them! Personally classifying them as either soft, alternative rock or surfer rock, Mood Ring’s incredible combination of psychedelic guitar lines, catchy lyrics, and amazing album art has successfully captured my heart and, hopefully, yours as well! To be honest, I can’t even pick only a handful of songs I enjoy. Just listen to the whole album, especially when out and about! It’ll definitely have you seeing nature and your surroundings a bit different in the best way!

Well, folks, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this list and even picked up some new artists and sounds that you haven’t tried out yet. In the words of Jake Gyllenhaal in a John Mulaney Netflix special, “music is everywhere!”. So, make sure to keep an ear out, strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary, Knights!