Premonitions, Part 1

Thursday, All Hallows Eve. While the internal atmosphere of most would be excitable, much like a flame in anticipation for the potential parties, hijinks, and quality time in costume, all was calm for her. Water droplets lightly tapped and caressed her half-open window as a breeze calmly swept about her room. Most would shiver or even take the effort to sigh and close the source, but she was too immersed in her novellas to even look up. Pages swirled and danced about as she took in every aspect of the stories she read, occasionally having to push the hair out of her half-lit face after slightly raising her eyebrows in response to any twists or surprises that would leave her mouth agape once she analyzed the last sentence. One after the other, the stories intensified. Filled with eerie tales of porcelain dolls with tear stains, abandoned mansions adorned with blazing candles, and groggy, musty woodlands plagued with metallic scents, she finally reached her last hardcover as the clock struck 11:00 PM. “A Mundane Life,” she uttered as her fingers lightly traced the shining gold letters in stark contrast to the soft blue of the cover. For the first time that night, a chill ran up her spine once her fingers left the shimmering letters and her eyes widened, but she couldn’t figure out why. ‘I guess they all can’t be insanely interesting,’ she carelessly remarked with a shrug.

The story began in a most basic way. “The clock struck 6:15 AM as her alarm went off. She woke up with sleep in her eyes, but still managed to throw herself out of bed and shower. 6:30 AM, she went to eat breakfast and pack her things. 7:00 AM, she was out the door, unlocking her car, and settling herself in for the ride to her school. Maybe Halloween would be entertaining this year.” 

Pfft, yeah, that’s lame. I’m so not ending this on a boring note, she sighed as she delicately placed her book stack on the table next to her and turned down her sheets. Once her head hit the pillow, she was out. The candlelight next to her waned and danced as it laced a lingering scent of lavender throughout her room and out of the window…