Aidan David and the Global Health Leaders Conference!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Class of 2021 just keeps soaring forever higher! Even though our lovely seniors have faced many trials and tribulations this year and for their entire high school career (think about it, their sophomore year was the only school session without interruption), they always manage to push the envelope and take their reputation to new heights. You know the drill, folks; we’re going to give a certain senior the spotlight pertaining to an incredible opportunity that they achieved. This time around, our very own Aidan David earned a spot at the Global Health Leaders Conference at Johns Hopkins! Luckily enough, I had the chance to chat with him about the opportunity, the work he had to put in, and other topics. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Q: How does it feel to have the opportunity to go to this conference?

A: I’m definitely glad to have the opportunity to attend this conference, and I’m beyond excited to learn from other peers and professionals!

Q: What steps did you need to take to earn a spot?

A: I had to fill out a separate application, but since it was after most of my college applications, it wasn’t too difficult to complete, which was a relief. It helped having a lot of previous experiences with medically-related extracurriculars both in and outside of school!

Q: Can you describe the purpose and goal(s) of the event?

A: The purpose of the conference is to expose high school students to topics and issues pertaining to global health, which includes public health, policies affecting civilian health, and pandemics.

Q: How do you want to apply this experience to any future plans?

A: I hope to learn a lot from this experience and use it to my advantage when applying to medical school in the future! It’ll definitely look good on a resume.

Q: Now, for the most important question: how would you sell someone a glass of water?

A: I would turn off the air conditioning in the middle of the day and perhaps even offer them some classic Lays potato chips.

A big thank you to Aidan David for providing such insight into an incredible opportunity! We wish you nothing but the best in your medical endeavors. As for the rest of you Knights, remember to strive for the impossible, be extraordinary, and prepare for finals! You got this, folks!