Updates from the College and Career Center

As deadlines quickly approach for every class level, college seems to be a looming thought in the back of everyone’s mind…I mean, we are called a “college prep school” for a reason. However, this title would be nothing to glance at if we didn’t have Mrs. Paula Dalton at the helm of our renowned college and career center, along with our wonderful counselors, social worker, and others. I recently had the chance to sit down with Mrs. Dalton as she discussed some updates for each grade as to what we should focus on and be aware of for the near future. Let’s get into some important information!


Freshmen, you’re up! Mrs. Dalton spoke about the typical advise of keeping up with assignments and establishing certain routines and organization habits to prepare for the rest of your high school and even college. Another incredibly important detail is to “begin to advocate for yourself when you need any kind of help, as you’re the only one who truly knows what they need from peers, teachers, parents, and others.” Finally, while volunteer opportunities may be scarce due to the pandemic, Mrs. Dalton adds that there are ways to virtually volunteer via the Chandler Education Foundation’s IMPACT Scholarship webpage! Also, you can always talk to those in volunteer-oriented clubs like Key Club and NHS to learn about even more opportunities. It’s never too early to get a jump on scholarships and experience to use in your essays!

Next up, I’m talking to you sophomores. Make sure to take a look at your PSAT scores when they come back on December 7th and “identify some areas where you could focus your study efforts. Also, PLEASE link your PSAT score to Khan Academy. It allows you to take advantage of some early scholarship opportunities!”

Juniors, I know you’ve been waiting for this one. There’s an incredible opportunity to take a practice, virtual ACT through the Princeton Review. To take advantage of this, visit the college and career website to sign up virtually! Also, it’s projected that the school’s sponsored ACT will be on March 2nd. Lastly, Mrs. Dalton wanted you all to know that she will begin to visit juniors’ classes next semester to set up important resources like Scoir and YouScience along with explaining how applications, letters of recommendation, FAFSA, and other necessary information to prepare you for college admissions season.


Seniors, I promise I have some important tips and information for you! Mrs. Dalton reminds you to continue working on your college applications and ALWAYS be on the lookout for new scholarship opportunities on the college and career website. Check your emails for any offers, as well. Also, make sure to update your Scoir page with college applications, acceptances, and scholarships, along with completing your FAFSA paperwork, as students will soon get emails asking for verification on your information. Finally, try to schedule time with Mrs. Dalton to update her and discuss your options!

Well, I know that was a mouthful, Knights, but never be afraid to go talk to Mrs. Dalton or anyone in the college and career center if you have any questions about the process. You got this!