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The Spectacular and Stupendous JV Girls Soccer Team


When it comes to any sport, playing to the best of one’s ability requires support and encouragement from teammates. With it, the team is given an opportunity to go above and beyond in a way that their spirit remains alive within the core values of working together. Sports are encompassed with dedication, focus, ambition, physical and mental resilience, humility, and self-awareness. Sports can positively affect everyone because it guides people toward a strong and potent state of mind. But it’s not the team values or sports equipment that define sports; it’s the people. People who embody the core principles of sport, even when they are unaware of it. People who face challenges never give up, treat others with dignity, compete honestly to achieve their goals, and dedicate themselves to improving themselves every day. Because that, in its entirety, is the true meaning of sport, its true essence. People who push themselves to their arbitrary limits are abundant at ACP High School, and everything they accomplish is, in the end, worth it. A notable and prominent example of this is soccer. The junior varsity girls’ soccer team at ACP is constantly working to ensure they take all necessary steps to support one another, no matter what. They recently won at Moon Valley, and the ACP family will persist in cheering them on with jubilance and glee in their future games to come.

On Wednesday, January 17th during the year of 2024, The JV girls soccer team went against Moon Valley High School,  a public high school in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a part of the Glendale Union High School District, which opened in 1965. Our girls soccer team won with a score of 10-0. Both teams displayed hark work, unparalleled and topnotch teamwork through out the exhilarating game. The energy that was felt before, during, and after the game was riveting  in a way that skyrocketed school spirit which was not only electrifying, but splendiferous for both schools to be part of. Although it was quite chilly during that time of day, the weather during the game was very agreeing for all players.

Our Girls’ soccer team here at ACP represents hard work, commitment, and cooperation that envelope each of the teammates as one into a community of connections that remains everlasting through their high school careers. Not only do they show the true meaning of school spirit, but they also display their teamwork, which is a strong bond that is irrefragable. Through their determination and unwavering vigor, the girl’s soccer team helps each other gain the confidence and skills to work toward their highest potential. They grow together as unshakable and unassailable individuals who continue to inspire us and, at the same time, motivate us to see our endeavors through toward the end, regardless of the outcomes. They all support each other and encourage their fellow teammates to succeed while enjoying the game ahead of them. This soccer win displays the concept of never giving up and exhibits their undying effort to give it their all. Every girl on the team played an integral role in this game and did an impeccable job seeing it through until the very end. Their win is a remarkable example of their ability to strive for the aims they wish to reach and be extraordinary.  

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