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Boys Varsity Soccer’s Win: A Rewarding First Game


As players put great effort into their sports performances, they require a support system to aid them while playing and beyond the playing field as well. By sharing a common goal, a team can help each other develop essential skills and perform to the best of their ability. It allows for growth as each teammate learns from each other and motivates everyone to achieve success. Players can rely on their teammates to accomplish the group’s objectives by improving their strengths and helping each other grow in all aspects. ACP’s Boys Varsity Soccer team is a remarkable example of the importance of teamwork as they started their season with plenty of satisfaction and motivation by winning their first game against Tempe High School. 

 I had the opportunity to interview senior Biman Chapagai, a member of the varsity soccer team. I asked him how this win contributed to their team’s goals for the season, to which he responded, “This victory helps us further reach our goals of winning state and topping the region by being the first pillar to dominate the season. The hardest game is always the first because everyone starts the same since there is no record, so winning the first one and moving forward is the best way to reach our goals.” However, the victory did not prevent their team from facing challenges. Like other teams, they experienced setbacks and struggled in several aspects. Despite their hardships, their collaboration allowed them to overcome and excel. Having a strong and exemplary role model, the soccer team’s success can also be accredited to their outstanding coach. To train a team effectively, a dedicated and driven instructor is required as he guides players and assists them through their struggles. Inspired by his coach, Biman expressed the influence Coach Perry had on the team as a whole. He described, “Everyone on the team can collectively say all credit goes to Coach Perry. Having many years of experience both playing and coaching the game, he trains us to be very efficient in a set of given tactics that we practice all day until we can’t get them wrong, which makes us a strong team to play against. He also helps us all technically develop as players.” 

When I asked Biman what the team’s greatest strength is, he stated, “The biggest strength is competitiveness. We all work so hard to earn a spot on the starting lineup, which in return makes doing our best and working our hardest in the game the biggest priority. If you’re not giving it your all, then you can be subbed out very fast. We are also all well-conditioned, making us tough opponents.” Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Soccer team as they kicked off the season with an outstanding win. The entire ACP family is proud of your success, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds for you. Go Knights! 

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