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ACP Presents: “Evita” Musical Production!


“Evita” is a captivating musical that chronicles the life of Eva Perón, the iconic First Lady of Argentina. Set against the backdrop of mid-20th century Argentina, the play unfolds the remarkable journey of a young woman who lived a humble life to become one of the most powerful and influential figures in the country’s history. Through a compelling and complex blend of powerful music, stirring lyrics, and dynamic choreography, “Evita” explores Eva’s rise to prominence, her passionate advocacy for the poor, and her complex relationship with political power. The narrator, Ché, skillfully navigates Eva’s ambition, struggles, and the incredible mark she left on Argentine society. With its emotional depth and memorable score composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, “Evita” remains an enduring masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a poignant portrayal of a woman whose impact transcended her time. This year, “Evita” comes to ACP! This wonderful musical would not have been possible without ACP’s Knights Theatre Company. With their dedication and outstanding hard work, this musical was brought to life here at ACP. All the complexities that came with this play were done exceptionally well. The audience was on their toes the entire duration of the play while having occasional laughs. The Knights Theatre Company has really outdone themselves as they always do, and ACP is proud to have individuals who strive to bring us the best possible productions that we will remember after high school. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who was in the “Evita” cast, Aparna Venki. She is a freshman at ACP, who loves being in the theater and singing, which she has been doing for the past seven years. She also plays the acoustic and electric guitar and has been a libero on a volleyball team for three years. She is an ensemble character in “Evita”, and she got involved in this production because she had “learned so much, not only about theater but about the people around me in the past few months. Exposing myself to different characters, I learned many lessons that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. This musical also gives me tons of experience for future use. When looking at Evita, I look at it as a learning opportunity and a place to be with the people I love.” Her favorite part of “Evita” was “the dancing. Although it was difficult, it was so fun to learn the tricks that we did in the show. Many of us had tango parts, meaning that this whole show was a group effort, and we all had fun with it.”

The hardest part of the production for Aparna was “ the choreography and movement. Our amazing choreographer, Anuradha Anant, put her time and effort into making a dream show into reality. She was the glue to create the dances that made this show. The songs in this show are not for the faint of heart, but we all worked together to make our vision come true. The idea for the placement and show itself was our stellar director, Mr. Bozovich!! He cast our beautiful leads, designed our gorgeous set, and brought this show to life!” I asked Aparna what some of her most valuable skills are as an actor, to which she responded, “My most valuable skill as an actor is my humor. I’m a person who thinks that with humor, anything can be solved. On and off stage, it creates a fun environment for everyone which is what we strive to do at the KTC. Even on stage, when mistakes are made, we make fun memories that will last forever”. What she enjoys most about acting is “the vocal part of acting. The singing and talking are so fun because you get to express yourself in your voice and your pitch. There are sad songs and happy songs, which create different moods for our audience. To showcase these emotions, we have amazing scores and actresses that make sure we all have a great time.”


Students like Aparna Venki, who brought this musical to life, truly outdid themselves. Their dedication, talent, and hard work shone through in every aspect of the production. From the powerful performances by the cast to the impressive set designs, choreography, and musical arrangements, it was evident that these students poured their hearts and souls into making “Evita” an unforgettable experience for the audience. “Evita” is proof of the beauty and inventiveness that can be found in young performers, and because of their outstanding performance, audiences will be moved by Eva Perón’s legacy for many years to come. Go Knights! 

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