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Lilly Humbert: AIA Division II State Competitor


In the world of high school sports, there are numerous teams filled with excelling hard-work, determination, and inseparable bonds. Among these is ACP’s Girls Golf team. The young athletes have proven themselves that they can endeavor anything they desire to fulfill. One of the team’s golfers, Lilly Humbert, played as an individual in the AIA Division II State Championship, this past Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, she went up against several Division Two schools at Aguila Golf Course. Then on Wednesday, she competed alongside the same schools, playing 18 holes. 

Photo credit to Marca

While some consider golf a frustrating and tedious sport, it gives players satisfaction and enjoyment. On the green, golf does not come easily to all. It takes time, practice, and dedication, like all other sports. Lilly Humbert played 36 holes in total at the championship tournament. Even though she was nervous prior to competing, she felt relieved and accomplished once she finished. As she explained, “ To me golf is a sport of precession and accuracy in which the player must complete the course in the fewest strokes possible.” Lilly’s favorite part was meeting some very wonderful girls and being able to play on an amazing golf course. Lilly’s passion for golf began when she chose decided to dedicate her talents to an individual sport that could be played year-round with scholarships opportunities available for college. 

Credit to Andy Morales

Lilly did such an outstanding job at playing her best at the AIA Division II State Championship. On the first day, she scored a 92. Lilly never gave up, which shows her passion for the sport. Overall, as an individual, she placed 58th. She has inspired me and several other high school golfers that anything can be done, if you put the work in. The ACP family and Girl’s golf team could not be any prouder of her. Go Lilly!


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