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Rackets and Birdies: ACP’s Badminton Team

Rackets and Birdies: ACPs Badminton Team

With good reason, badminton is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It’s a dynamic and thrilling sport, and a favorite among high school students looking for an enjoyable physical activity since it demands a specific blend of agility, precision, and strategy. The goal is to successfully land the birdie on the opponent’s court to score points. Participating in this sport increases strength in the muscles and aerobic capacity, in addition to hand-eye coordination. Beyond its obvious physical advantages, badminton fosters a sense of camaraderie among players by promoting cooperation, communication, and fast decision-making. A sense of teamwork is created within this sport, which is a vital life skill that is held for a lifetime. The ACP Badminton Team has gotten to the semifinals this year.

I had the chance to interview someone on the badminton team who went to the Junior Varsity and Varsity Badminton game, Olivia Kurniawan. I asked her about the vibe of the room during the game, and she stated, “The vibe during this game was filled with excitement as always. We love to to play and support our teammates.” Her reaction to ACP winning the game was “overjoyed – I’m always so proud of our varsity and JV players when we win, especially when it is a tough game.” Some of the best parts of any badminton game “are definitely when you are in a close match with your opponent, which is always exciting to play or watch! Another great part is the celebration afterward!” Everyone else’s reaction after ACP won the game was “exhilarating – Everyone is always so happy when we win games, and we love to clap when our teammates win their matches and do our team chant at the very end!

For her team, Olivia looks forward for the badminton team “to achieve a ton of awards and accomplishments, whether this means setting personal goals for ourselves or entering division competitions!” I asked Olivia what badminton is to her and she replied, “Badminton is a challenging but fun sport that takes a lot of technique and skill. Many people think it’s easy or based only on strength, but I’m glad that our players appreciate the sport for what it is and welcome the challenges they receive from it.”

Badminton is a sport widely viewed as an outlet for students like Olivia. Outside the classroom, it is a great way to exercise and learn new techniques and skills, both mental and physical. The ACP family wishes the Badminton Team good luck in the years to come. Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights! 

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