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Skyler Chaney: Bowling Champion


Last month, one of ACP’s very own Sophomores, Skyler Chaney, took part in the Youth Open Championship for Bowling in Indianapolis. Remarkably, she took first place in the U15 Doubles Handicap! Originally, Skyler was competing for a spot to go to Junior Golds; however, she ended in second place for the qualifying tournament. The Mesa Bowling Association decided that they would send a group of four to the Youth Open, and due to Skyler earning second, she received a spot to be a part of that group.

Skyler has been bowling for about two and a half years, but she has only been bowling competitively for one. Before moving to Arizona she lived in Ohio. In the Midwest, a big event to participate in is bowling due to the fact that the weather there isn’t always made for outdoor sports. Her old high school she planned on attending also had a bowling team she was interested in joining. I asked Skyler how she got into bowling, and she explained, “I kind of just fell into it. Both my parents were fairly new to bowling leagues before I got interested. What made me want to start learning how to bowl was when I was bowling with my family, and I was able to break 100 for the first time.”

I also was curious about how she felt when she was announced as the winner. Skyler told me, “I was very happy. My partner and I were able to score really high the first day, and we were able to beat second place by 200 pins. I hope to achieve more. Currently, I’m working towards qualifying for Junior Golds in Detroit.” 

Just like everyone, we all get inspired. But what really drives Skyler is the opportunity for scholarships. Bowling tournaments give people the chance to be scouted by schools and universities, and this provides an opportunity to receive scholarship money, depending on what level you place. Besides that, it’s just a fun thing to do with family and friends.

Some advice Skyler would give high school students looking to pursue in bowling is, “If you’re looking to start bowling, please look into local youth leagues near you. Try out the sport before you truly make any commitments. Usually at these leagues, you will find coaches willing to work with you if you want to go competitive. Though if you’re looking for something more casual, a weekend youth league would be fun, too.”

Skyler is the definition of dedication and hardwork. She really deserves this! I wish Skyler the best in her future bowling career.

Author: Auri Smith; Staff Writer

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