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Speech And Debate’s Liliana Isaacson: Duet Acting


Speech and Debate, a form of public speaking, originated at Ripon College, Wisconsin, in 1931, where the first tournament with 49 schools from 17 states competed. Thanks to Bruno E. Jacob for creating this mental sport filled with debating and talking. Then, later in 1920, that is when Speech and Debate was brought to high schools all throughout the United States, one of those schools being ours, ACP.

Among ACP’s many sports and clubs is the unique Speech and Debate. In this club, Liliana Isaacson, a member of the club who joined it due to her sister, competed in Duet Acting with her partner, and their scene was named Got A Light. Their scene was about Joan of Arc, a patron saint of France. Duet Acting is not as easy as it may look, as it is an event where two people act out a ten-minute scene with restricted acting. It is unique because you are only allowed a table, two chairs, eye contact, and physical touch. Liliana would describe Duet Acting as “the most entertaining part of Speech and Debate to watch”.  Although Liliana is passionate about it and revels in competing in tournaments, she would not consider Duet Acting her fervent. In the future, she will, however, continue Speech and Debate next year, and potentially study law in college.

Speech and Debate is very competitive and important because it allows participants to group together collaboratively and voice their opinions and thoughts on issues and world conflicts. Mental prowess plays a huge role in Speech and Debate, and stands as one of the many pillars that holds it up. Mr. Norm Rumsey is recognized as Arizona’s top Speech and Debate teacher, due to his unwavering dedication. Our school’s Speech and Debate is very tenacious and assiduous all because of its members who make it up. We can continue to look up to Liliana Isaacson and other members of the team. Go Knights!

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