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Western Rodeo Spirit Week


Spirit Week fosters the magnificent ability to be yourself in a way that is always refreshing at school. Everyone at ACP always looks forward to the enthrallment and merriment this Spirit Week presents. Spirit Week aims to instill a sense of zeal and pride for the school and its students. The week additionally assists in ensuring that students become engaged, cooperative, collaborative, and unified around the shared objective of spreading school spirit and glee to anyone and everyone. Students enjoy getting together during Spirit Week and exhibiting their enthusiasm. Spirit days with a theme are well-liked, but they’re just the beginning. Throughout the entire week, there were a variety of activities, which did wonders in cultivating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all staff and students. Students are encouraged to dress up per a given theme to demonstrate school spirit and togetherness, and we most assuredly have STUGO to thank for all they do. STUGO continually creates new and truly entertaining themes and activities for each day. We students are left to wonder with excitement what they might do next; of course, we never know until we know. With a favorite event at ACP, MORP, coming up on Saturday, the fun is simply yet to begin. 

Cowboys & Cowgirls: Saddle Up Buckaroos and Giddy Up! Wearing something festive on the first day of Western Spirit Week was absolutely crucial. Encouraging students and staff to dress in their best western-themed cowgirl and cowboy clothes was one of the many jolly things of the week. Monday was a day filled with nothing but broad-brimmed cowboy hats and fabulous boots. That day’s theme was indeed the best way to begin a week of frolic and jollification. 

Flannel Day: On Tuesday, students and staff entered the westernized halls all styled out in flannel shirts and pants. Combined with the perfect flannel shirt, what better way to welcome the shining sun on that day’s forecast? The choices of color and design were endless, which made our school even more colorful than it is. Wear your favorite to class to capitalize on this fantastic opportunity to take a flannel-themed Instagram photo!

Pajama Day: Everyone had the superb chance to catch a few more Z’s of sleep because of the pajama-themed Wednesday! Students dressed in everything from sweats to onesies to embrace the comfy day ahead of them. This spirit is one of the best originals that exist out of the numerous varieties of themes out there. Wednesday was the day of utmost relaxation and quietude. 

Country vs. Country Club: Pupils dressed in two different categories on Thursday. Students wore country clothes, mostly overalls, cowboy hats, bootcut jeans, plaid button-up shirts, and cowboy boots. Most students who opted to dress in country club attire wore tennis-related attire, such as polo shirts, tennis skirts, collared shirts, and khaki shorts. Everyone rocked and was stunning in their outfits that day. 

Showdown of the Class: And, at last, the day students eagerly anticipated had finally arrived. Here at ACP, our ionic class color day on the Fridays of Spring Week is but one of the many classic yet unique themes our school loves. Seniors dressed out in brown, juniors styled out in red, sophomores dazzled in gray, and finally, freshmen arrived in white. We had to go out with a bang by having our first uplifting and trilling pep assembly shortly before MORP on Saturday. 

The week was flooding with gaiety and played as a fulfilling diversion from school like no other. Our fantastic and phenomenal STUGO team at ACP put a ton of planning into this year’s Spirit Week. Nothing would have been possible or the same without them, so shout out to the hard workers whom we admire for everything they do and more. This week was the week so many memories were made, which will always remain in our hearts. This event and various other school events generate an incredible atmosphere that makes this splendiferous week one to cherish! Go Knights!

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