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SEDS Club: Attendees at SpaceVisions Conference


As the only high school students in attendance, twenty members from ACP’s Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Club attended the SpaceVision conference in Washington, DC. They had the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the space industry and share their understanding of space. At the meeting, multiple panels discussed many facets of space, including space sustainability, the new space economy, and space policy. SpaceVision offered students an opportunity to connect with others who share a common interest within the space industry and develop an awareness of the aspects of it not previously understood. Students from the SEDS Club exchanged views with people in corporations like NASA, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin along with other students from various universities, such as Princeton, USC, and Purdue. Having discussed with many people, students gained insight into space from diverse perspectives, amplifying their opinions. 

I had the opportunity to interview a member of the SEDS Club, junior Siena Stevens. She was inspired to join the club to examine the various dynamics of space exploration and have the opportunity to build a rocket. She stated, “My favorite part of SEDS has been the connections I have made with people who also share an interest in space exploration. I appreciate all the people I have been able to connect with while in SEDS and Washington. The conference helped me realize my profound interest in space humanitarianism and sustainability.” When I asked Siena how the SEDS Club has impacted her and other members, she expressed, “The SEDS Club aids in student interaction and involvement with other students. I have learned so much from my peers, and meeting with like-minded people is incredibly beneficial. Opportunities such as the Southwest Space Settlement Design Competition and the KEYS internship are just a few examples of what the SEDS club offers to its members. Also serving as an opportunity to unify the world, space exploration and development are critical as technology advances. Because they are significantly dependent on global collaboration, it is pivotal to create a community passionate about the celestial world.” 

As students received the opportunity to communicate and share their thoughts with professionals around the world, they were further educated on internships, programs, and the latest space research. The entire ACP family is incredibly proud of the SEDS Club’s accomplishments, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Thank you to all members of the SEDS Club for being a great inspiration and role model to every student at ACP, as you serve as a reminder to be ambitious and strive for the impossible. Go Knights!

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