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Sienna Whitington: Future ASU Student-Athlete


Although balancing sports and academics can be challenging, it can also improve students’ time management skills and discipline. It is crucial to seek help from coaches and teachers when needed and rest when you can to ensure you remain healthy and perform to the best of your abilities. As a lacrosse player who wishes to continue her athletic career in college, junior Sienna Whitington is a perfect example of balancing school and sports. She has played lacrosse for seven years and considers it her passion, which is why she plans to continue playing in college. As a student-athlete in college, it is important to find a school that supports both academic and athletic success, like ASU, with resources such as the Barrett Honors College. Sienna expressed, “I decided to continue my athletic and academic career at ASU because it is the perfect school for me. Not only are the coaches and team extremely welcoming, but ASU also offers the Barrett Honors College, allowing me to further challenge myself academically as well as athletically. I also love Arizona, and I am so excited to stay in the state to be around my family and friends.”

 I had the opportunity to interview Sienna and her experience in balancing sports and academics. As she stated, “At ACP, we have staff and teachers who genuinely want to help. Students struggling with balancing athletics and academics should use their resources and talk to their teachers and coaches. Also, it is important that on rest days, you actually rest to let your mind and body recover. The most important thing about balance is making time for things other than sports and school. High school is supposed to be fun, so try to make time to hang out with friends, go to school events, and enjoy it!” Sienna has been a student-athlete for many years, and although it is challenging to balance athletics and academics, she has proved it is possible. Her dedication to prioritizing both aspects of her life is unmatched and has had a positive impact on her high school experience.

When I asked Sienna how her coaches helped her excel in lacrosse, she responded, “My coaches have played a crucial role in not only my development as a player but also as a person. On my club team, my coaches run a pretty intense practice, but through the whole thing, they are always supporting and motivating everyone on the team. I would not be the player I am today if it wasn’t for them. Also, my wrestling coaches have taught me so many important life lessons that relate to lacrosse. Without them, I would not have the work ethic I have today, since Coach Lindstrom and Huffman instilled the importance of hard work and good character in the entire ACP wrestling program. Without wrestling, I would not have the strength or mindset that is critical to my success in lacrosse.” Sienna’s commitment to school and sports will continue to pay off in college as she pursues her passion for playing lacrosse and continuing her academic career. Thank you, Sienna, for being an excellent role model for all student-athletes at ACP. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Go Knights!

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