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Evita: ACP Theatre’s Production


Produced by the Knights Theatre Company, Evita is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It tells the story of Eva Duarte de Perón, the first lady of Argentina, who rose from poverty to become a strong leader. She passed away at age thirty-three in 1952 as an influential figure for all of Argentina. The Knights Theatre Company has worked extraordinarily hard to produce this play and make it as meticulous as possible.

However, it is important to recognize their challenges and how they overcame them. As theatre director, Mr. Bozovich, expressed, “Actors normally speak in between songs in most modern musicals. However, in Evita, that is not the case. Since the show is filled with music until the very end, it was a great challenge to have the cast accept the fact that they wouldn’t talk.” Although the production of Evita was challenging, it was rewarding and impactful for all members of the play because it helped them obtain a deeper understanding of political celebrities and life lessons. 

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Bozovich what his inspiration to choose Evita as the play was, to which he responded, “I chose it because I’ve always loved this show, and I think it’s a huge challenge for high school students to tackle. The messages and lessons in the show are still powerful today, as they show how we can glorify a politician and how public opinion affects us. The lack of musical knowledge we have today also inspired me to make this choice. Although it is an older show, it is an amazing one.” To produce the play, a large group of people was required to assemble it. This included most of the Tech Theatre classes in backstage positions and actors from all over the school. They have put significant effort into Evita, and their hard work will pay off when the audience can see the finished product.

I asked Mr. Bozovich what impact he was hoping to create on other people with the play, and he stated, “I want the audience to come in not knowing what to expect. They will notice that the atmosphere is already set because a movie will be playing while the audience waits for the show to start. There will be no curtain speeches, and the show will just start. I want people to leave the show amazed despite not knowing what to expect.” Mr. Bozovich and the Knights Theatre Company have been dedicated to creating a meaningful and exceptional play. The entire ACP family cannot wait to see all of your hard work and discipline pay off! 


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