Vote for Game of the Week!


When it comes to our passions, we want our community to support us and be happy for our achievements, especially during high school. This includes our very own football team at our school, who are competing in “Fright Night Fever: Game of the Week”. Held by the 12Sports team, the poll is “a new way for fans to have a big impact on our show each and every week of the season” and to make sure your voices are heard.

Competing against us is Moon Valley-the same team that we’ll be playing against on Friday’s football game to celebrate this year’s Homecoming. According to one of the members of our football team, Matthew Tran, “The goal is to win the majority of the votes for ACP, giving us state-wide coverage and spotlight on all of our players, as well as more funding and attention to our school.” So, what are you waiting for? Go out, and vote for Moon Valley vs. ACP High School for “Game of the Week” in order to help our school’s sports curriculum grow and blossom.

For more information regarding the competition, check out this link here.

The poll is near the bottom of the article, but if you don’t see it, or just want to quickly get to voting, check out this link here.