Interview With The Triple Impact Competition Finalists

Interview With The Triple Impact Competition Finalists

College is expensive, and many students will try their best to get scholarships for academics and sports to make their college expenses lower. One of the most popular scholarship programs on the West Coast is the Triple-Impact Competition that is done through interviews on how they are with personal mastery, leadership, and honoring the game.  A total of five students from our school made it into the finals for a chance to get a scholarship of $1,000 or more. We interviewed Shelby Blixt and Aksh Iyer, two of the finalists that attend our school.


Q: What is the Triple-Impact Competition?

A. Shelby: It’s a scholarship in which athletes from different schools across the nation have the opportunity to win, so long as they represent the qualities that make someone a triple impact competitor.

Q: What sports are you involved in? How did you get into the sport?

A. Aksh: I am involved in Swim & Dive and Track & Field. I got into Swim & Dive because before high school, I used to do competitive club swimming, and I decided to continue my training

by competing at the high school level. Additionally, I got into Track & Field because I tried it out in middle school and I really liked it, so I decided to continue in high school.

A. Shelby:

I am involved in volleyball, and I have been playing since I was six years old because my parents played.

Q: What are some benefits of Participating and winning?

A. Aksh: One big benefit in participating and winning is getting noticed by different universities for your academic and athletic excellence. Also, participating in this scholarship provides important experience for future scholarships and a little bit of experience for answering questions that might be asked for college applications. The prize for winning the scholarship is $1000.

Sports are a huge part of our world, careers are built from them, and students can get scholarships from playing a sport, so it’s no surprise that the Triple-Impact Competition is a huge opportunity for students to get a step up in making a career out of sports. Just as these have done, remember Knights to Strive for the Impossible, and Be Extraordinary!