ACP Wrestling Dominating the Start of the Season

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Photo taken by Elizabeth Bishop.

The start of ACP Wrestling has been remarkable, with the team opening up the season with numerous wins against Benjamin Franklin, San Tan Foothills, Tempe Prep, and Alchesay. They defeated many of their opponents and had outstanding performances by many Knight Wrestlers, including Emory Robles with four pins and defending State Runner-up, Jad Mazboudi, with three pins. Their long practices and hard work showed incredibly at the first Home Multi-Meet, with the team earning 72 points.

Photo taken by Elizabeth Bishop.

This week, I interviewed Emory Robles to get his opinion about how the season is going so far:

Q: How many years have you been wrestling for?

A: I have been wrestling for three years now

Q: What is something we should expect this season?

A: Something you should expect is the team preforming well in tournaments and meets; we have been working hard all year and during the off season.

Q: What do you enjoy most about wrestling?

A: What I enjoy most are the rewards you get for working so hard in the off-season. I always think that what you put in is what you get, and it is rewarding to win in a tournament.

Q: This season has been filled with many wins.  How has this season improved from the last?

A: This season has improved a lot since last year; this off-season the team had worked harder than any other year and the results are showing in our plays.

Congratulations to the wrestling team on an astounding season so far. Thank you to Emory for spending the time to answer my questions, and very quickly as well. This is the last article posted of the decade; see you in 2020, Knights!