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Mrs. Figueroa – ACP’s Newest Math Instructor

Mrs. Figueroa - ACPs Newest Math Instructor

Of all groups of people in our society, teachers are one of the most significant. They instill a desire to do well and succeed in life, give children a sense of direction, and prepare them to succeed as citizens and our future generation. Today’s youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are key factors in preparing students for the future. They emotionally connect with students to create a better learning environment. Each teacher has a special blend of attributes, and it is their uniqueness that ultimately distinguishes them. Although every educator is unique, nearly all outstanding educators possess some pivotal traits of passion, inspiration, humor, respect, and resourcefulness. As one of the many fundamental pillars of our education, teachers are regarded as influential and inspiring people that many look up to. Among the many new dedicated teachers at ACP is one of our new math teachers, Mrs. Figueroa!

Mrs. Figueroa teaches Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Geometry. She wanted to teach because of her third-grade teacher. What inspired her to teach math specifically was Mrs. Weaver, her third-grade teacher, who “really helped me when I was really struggling in school, getting D’s and F’s, and she cared about me. I got mostly A’s after that. In high school, math was easy for me, so I started tutoring and fell in love with helping others understand math.” Because of the positive influence Mrs. Weaver had on her, Mrs. Figueroa wanted to become a teacher just like her mentor. Her favorite part of teaching math at ACP is “seeing my son, who is a freshman at ACP, and his friends every day.” I asked Mrs. Figueroa if math is her passion, and she responded, “I love teaching math, but I don’t know if it’s my passion. I love the outdoors and exploring.” 

She encourages and motivates her students to learn by “trying to stay positive and keep pushing themselves. It is very important what you say to yourself.” Trying new things is a great way to keep the class interested and the environment enjoyable in the classroom. When I asked her if math had changed how she perceives and navigates through the world, she responded, “I see how the world has changed, and I have become more flexible in my teaching. I know many students find school boring, so I try to have different activities in my classroom so it’s not the traditional sit-down and take notes.” A piece of advice that Mrs. Figueroa would give to her students is “Believe in yourself and keep pushing yourself. It’s all about balance.”

Our teachers instilled in us the value of a pen over a sword. They shine a light in everyone’s life by assisting students in finding their way in life. Education is regarded as the most powerful weapon for achieving victory and success in life. The task of nourishing and forming the lives of young people and their future is entrusted to educators. Teaching and engaging with students come naturally to memorable teachers who are passionate about sharing positivity. Additionally, they are self-aware, adaptable, and receptive to fresh perspectives. ACP teachers must manage more than thirty students at once, all of whom have diverse backgrounds and interests. That in itself is a very impressive ability that every teacher has. 

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