Australia’s Finest Animals

Australias Finest Animals

Throughout the world, many regions have animals and insects that are exclusive to their area. Some of the famously known ones are pandas within the Asian regions, the African Civet in Africa, and Jaguars in South America. One of the wildest countries that harbor some of the most dangerous and unique animals and insects is no other than Australia. From the ugliest animals such as the Blobfish to the most venomous ones such as the Blue Ringed Octopus, here are a few animals that you might have known are native to Australia. 

First up is the Thorny Devil. This 8cm 70-gram lizard has an outer shell that’s covered in spikes to protect itself from predators. As one of the least interesting animals on this list, it is still an unordinary sight for non-Australians. The next animal we have is the Blue Ringed Octopus. This specific octopus species is one of the most venomous animals in the world. These five – eight-inch biohazards carry around two types of venoms lethal enough to drop 26 adult males. Although they are highly venomous, death isn’t common when bit as they don’t exert all of their venoms into their prey. Our final animal on the list is the Huntsman Spider. Although spiders aren’t very unordinary, the Huntsman is an exception with its freakishly large build. With legs reaching a foot long, and a body two inches wide, the Huntsman can be up to two feet long when spread out. Although they seem scary, the most dangerous thing about these spiders is the fear factor they instill in their prey being they don’t house any lethal venom. With their long legs, they can travel at a rapid pace of three feet a second making them agile and fast enough to catch prey and any unexpecting soul. 

Be wary this summer when you and your loved ones are planning a getaway vacation. If Australia is on your list of places to go to, you may want to study the area you plan to stay in and plan accordingly in order to minimize harm during encounters with these dangerous creatures. There are plenty of online guides that fully equip you with the knowledge to avoid these animals. If you read this article and still choose to visit the Australian playground of the devils’ pets, good luck!