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International Women’s Day: Frida Kahlo’s Lasting Impact

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International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a significant commemoration that sheds light on the achievements of women along with their struggles and self-preservation. This impactful day signifies the truly deserved spotlight upon these women who, despite their hardships and obstacles, prevailed and became known to many for their determination and accomplishments to the history of women throughout the world. Regardless of their background, all women who have made up the history we know today, are viewed as equal individuals and will always be remembered as such. International Women’s day is an opportunity to reflect on the extraordinarily long lengths women have reached, and the endless possibilities that they have provided for future generations by paving the way for us. An astonishing example of an individual who has had a large role in these positive impacts, which are appreciated by all, is the influential Frida Kahlo. 

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Born in Coyoacán, Mexico, in 1907, artist Frida Kahlo became an icon in all aspects of Mexican culture. From art to fashion and everything in between, she impacted society by achieving her goals despite the great deal of adversity she faced. Having suffered from a bus incident during her early years, Kahlo had severe health issues for the rest of her life. However, her hardships did not prevent her from flourishing as both an artist and a person. On the contrary, the difficulties she experienced inspired her and allowed her to further flourish as an artist by constantly improving her work and fueling her passion.

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Because of her admired resilience and authenticity, numerous women now see Kahlo as an inspiration to pursue your dreams despite any hardships you may face. In spite of her struggles, she managed to boldly express herself and her feelings through her breathtaking art, giving women an opportunity to relate and identify with her experience. By challenging societal norms and practicing individuality, she served as a role model for many to freely express themselves regardless of any external factors. Frida Kahl, along with many other women, instilled change, broke insurmountable barriers, and shaped the world as we know it today through their everlasting imprint they have left on society.

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