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10 Fun Activities To Do Over Spring Break

Credit to The Greenspire School

It is that time of year again, Spring Break! From March 11th to March 25th, students and staff at ACP will be on break before the start of the fourth and final quarter of the school year of 2023-2024. This interval provides students a chance for much-deserved relaxation after this bustling quarter. Students can refresh their minds, reduce stress or worries, and improve their productivity to its capacity. However, doing the regular things students usually do can sometimes become monotonous; therefore, here is a variety of fun activities to do over this truly deserving Spring Break!

Credit to Arizona State Parks
  1. Road Trips– Hop in your car and turn on your favorite tunes! Drive to the states next door or the gorgeous routes Arizona offers!
  2. Picnic– The breezy weather is the perfect opportunity to go outside and enjoy all there is to do outdoors, such as having an aesthetic picnic with your friends!
  3. Go shopping– Get some friends or family members and drive to your local mall because maybe you will find a new piece of clothing or two.
  4. Plant a Garden– This is a phenomenal time to plant beautiful flowers and create a garden from scratch! 
  5. Movies– Indulge in a movie marathon with friends or by yourself! Movies like Dune and Barbie are some entertaining films.
  6. Baking– Find a brand new, unique recipe that calls your heart. You can find these recipes on social media like Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok!

    Credit to The Daily Nebraskan
  7. Learn a new sport– Maybe you already play many sports or are just starting one; finding new interests is always a great way to take up some of your free time.
  8. Hiking– Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need, and Arizona’s mountains provide just that. If you don’t want to drive all the way up to Sedona, trails like Goldmine Trailhead and San Tan Mountain Regional Park are some close-distance, enjoyable hikes.
  9. Bowling– If you’re looking for a hobby that can be done individually or with a group, definitely take up Bowling. Places like Fat Cats and Main Event are great places to check out.
  10. Volunteer– Wanting to give back to the community? Grab a trash bag and go around your neighborhood picking up trash. Keep the Earth clean! You can also visit your local Nursing Home and spend some time there.

While there are countless things to do during break, these are great, inexpensive options. So, if you’re at home and looking for something to do, try doing one of these choices. You’ll never know the new things you enjoy until you try it. Go Knights!

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