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A Powerful Beacon of Justice: Sojourner Truth

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Picture by National Park Service

Abolitionist and activist for African-American rights, Sojourner Truth became a

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symbol of equality and justice by declaring the importance of activism in her speeches. Because of her difficult early life, she is now globally recognized for her impact on the Civil Rights Movement and Suffrage Movement, using her experiences as a Black Woman to spread awareness of the struggles she and many others faced. 

Although Sojourner Truth was a former slave, that did not stop her from becoming a well-known advocate for women’s rights during the 19th century. In 1828, Truth moved to New York City and began to work for a local minister. From that point, she participated in religious revivals and became a charismatic speaker. Because of her evolving charismatic traits, she inspired devotion in others through her good qualities. Truth never learned to read and write; however, she had given Olive Gilbert, an author from Brooklyn, the honor to write for her in order to publish her autobiography, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth. Her autobiography is known now to be culturally important and is part of the foundation of civilization as we know it.

National Women’s History Museum

One of Truth’s famous speeches, “Ain’t I A Woman?” was published to communicate her belief that the right to vote should be granted to women. She argues women are capable of anything a man is, and to give them the right to vote is only reasonable. Along with other women, Truth was a pioneer in the Suffrage movement, advocating for the rights of women, especially African Americans. Her contributions to equality had lasting effects on America, and we must recognize her dedication to the cause. 

The influential words of Sojourner Truth continue to have an impact on the U.S. as her legacy continues to inspire every American. Her experiences as a Black woman have taught us the importance of equality and justice, which is how she shaped and completely changed the course of history with her impactful words and actions.

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