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Women’s History Month: A Fight for Equality

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Seeking to celebrate the endless contributions of women throughout history, Women’s History Month has an extensive and rich background. While Women’s History Month became an official national celebration in 1986, the practice began in 1976 when the school district of Sonoma, California organized the weeklong event. At said events, students gave presentations regarding the contributions and history of women with a parade. Since 1986, it has been observed annually in March when President Jimmy Carter established the week of March 8th as Women’s History Week, which later evolved into the monthly event we all know today. Along with celebrating the often overlooked legacy of many influential American women of the past, Women’s History Month strives to credit the striking impact of women of our time and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. 

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From Rosa Parks to Sojourner Truth, the impact of women in STEM, art, humanities, and sports, among other professions, has been immensely influential as their legacy helped pave the way for future generations. This month is of great importance because of the spotlight it gives to women’s history by highlighting not only their contributions, but also their struggles and experiences. In the United States, women have strongly fought for their rights and place in society, so we must recognize and honor the milestones they have accomplished by using their voices and advocating for equality. 

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This month stands as a testament to the numerous groundbreaking achievements women have reached throughout history. To honor them, we must give credit where it is due and encourage all women to put forth their best effort to fulfill their goals. Because of the diversity and inclusion ACP practices, this month, our community is acknowledging influential female figures and the mutual fight of men and women to reach equality. Go Knights!

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