Knights Scrimmage and What lies Ahead!


With the way the year 2020 has turned out, life has been turned upside down with all normalities seeming to have been thrown out the window, it has for sure been an unorthodox year. 

That being said, on Wednesday, September 23rd ACP Knights Football team had a scrimmage with ALA Queen Creek to get practice with different types of playstyles and different people altogether. There was no score kept, and each side had 60 plays total: 30 offensive plays and 30 defensive plays. Putting everything together after months of practice and hard work on the field, it was incredible to see these guys go out and play incredibly well. With the talent on the Knight’s football team, it is exciting to see what this group of guys will do this season. With the teams’ first official game on Friday the 2nd of October, the Knights will play seven regular-season games over the coming weeks before hopefully capturing a spot in the playoffs to play for the state championship. The Knights football team has been working hard all summer through the pandemic on and off the field to get to this point and have the opportunity to play during this unusual time. 

Steve Chadwick

With a powerful and motivating head coach running the program, it comes as no surprise that this team has done so much with so many roadblocks. Even though there can be only 25% of the stands filled during athletic games, make sure to keep a close eye on your phone during Friday nights with the Knights football team! Remember to strive for the impossible Knights and remember to stay safe!