StuGo Election Results Are In!


Despite the chaos of the last two months, our school managed to hold Student Government elections for next year’s school year! StuGo is the life blood of our ACP community, organizing rallies, making posters, planning spirit weeks and fundraisers, and more!  The students in StuGo work hard year-round to make each year special and fun.  With each new election new sources of leadership are given the opportunity to better our school!

Almost every event put on at school is organized by StuGo: dances, Knight Games, Mr. ACP, spirit weeks, and assemblies!  We have some really amazing memories from past years’ events like Homecoming, the Winter Formal, or the new structure for Knight Games set up this year.  We can’t wait to see how our new leaders make these even more thrilling!

Congratulations to all these students who took charge of ACP’s future! We can’t wait to see what you do with next year!

Executive Officers

Student Body President – Ava Berry

Student Body Vice-President – Hunter Bickes

Executive Secretary – Alex Lee

Executive Treasurer – Andrea Linder

Knightmare (Student Spirit) Executive Officer – Kayla Horn

Class Presidents

Senior Class President – Saanvi Agrawal

Junior Class President – Kayden Martinez

Sophomore Class President – Allie Waters

Freshman Class President – TBD fall 2020

Student Government Representatives

Class of 2021

  • Amy Tran
  • Naia Curry

Class of 2022

  • Carrie Chen
  • Kaiah Walsh
  • Morgan Applegate 
  • Sam Jundt
  • Aliyah Jones
  • Derek Baker
  • Dallin Brady
  • Tarryn Weigand
  • Nicole Caswell
  • Mariela Galindo
  • Amal Hassan
  • Lauryn Tso

Class of 2023

  • Lucas Conklin
  • Clarice Nguyen
  • Naomi Fox
  • Tatum Barkat
  • Megan Padilla
  • Caitlin Soelberg
  • Mia Bonfigt
  • Marianna Crispino
  • Amanda AhYat

Class of 2024

  • Lily Pulsifer
  • Miranda Rumsey
  • Lauren France
  • Aarav Dugar

Ava Berry, our future Student Body President, is here to tell us all about the election and her plan for next year’s festivities!

Q: How did you get people to know about the election, know you were running, and get them to vote for you?

A: It was hard this year to campaign and make people aware of the election as it was all virtual.  However, I have always made it a priority to get to know lots of different people at ACP from different grades and groups, so I personally reached out to a lot of different people over text or Instagram in order to give them the details on how and where to vote.  I was also sure to post lots of virtual flyers and be heavily present on my social media during that time.

Q: What is your system to decide who wins?I’ve heard you have to get signatures and it’s based on a sort of points system?

A: To begin, you normally would get a petition signed by the student body; however, with no ability to do that this year, we had to fill out an application. The points are based on how well you do this application, which includes a few written questions, a recorded interview about why you’re the best candidate, two teacher recommendations, and a signed agreement. After that you get the thumbs up from Mrs. Michaelson and Ms. Gibberson to start campaigning and voting opens over Infinite Campus. If you receive at least 33% of student body vote, you can be considered for that position.

Q: What do you plan to bring to ACP next year as the acting Student Body President?

A:  I love seeing our student body excited, and that’s how I want to make next year feel through all our different events by approaching school spirit in a different way. Especially with all the incoming freshmen that are new to ACP, I believe this is more important than ever. I have been to a lot of different camps and conferences for student government, so I have a long list of specific events and ideas from sharing and collaborating with other bigger schools for how to pursue that, as well as working on the executive board my junior year and having that experience, so I am super excited! I also plan to bring more opportunities for student body to be involved in events so that they are exactly what you all picture them to be. This may be through surveys, more involvement on our school Instagram, etc.  Additionally, I plan for us to go to work on celebrating more people at our school; finding a way to recognize athletes, our speech and debate team, robotics, clubs, etc. in a special way since it’s really important to me. Giving out team or club gifts, notes, celebrating all student accomplishments at assemblies etc. would cultivate a more supportive campus. I have lots of ideas for spirit week and campus decorations, in particular, in order to vamp up our school spirit. Altogether, I’m excited to represent ACP students on a platform where I can also get to know all of you and hopefully bring back the infamous family aspect of ACP.

Q: What are your goals in terms of school events and activities?

A:  My biggest goal for next year, as cliché as it sounds, is to get to know as many people as I can and hear what they want to see. As I said before, my goal is to have our StuGo work on recognizing all our students at our school, so knowing what everyone’s accomplishments are and what they’re proud of is a huge part in that. I also believe that everyone will be relieved to come back to school and that’s how it should always be, so my goal is to make ACP a place people want to come to school, by having more frequent many events or activities at school. Your executives and I are currently brainstorming the best way to bring that to you all next year. Mental health and happiness is a huge part in people’s success in school and is an issue now in so many people’s lives.  Therefore, my goal would be to be more supportive but, like I said, making ACP a positive space by offering moments to look forward to.

Q: What’s your favorite joke?

A:  Honestly, I can’t think of a specific joke, but TikTok has been amusing me for sure during this quarantine with lots of funny videos!

Wow, what a year to look forward to! Thank you for working so hard, remember to have fun, and go Knights!