Karaoke Night- an Evening of Singing!

Last Friday, the school cafeteria was absolutely bursting with color, light, and sound! Music was blasting and people were yelling along with the lyrics! After a slow start, the night picked up and students were enjoying themselves, chatting with friends or watching the impressive performances put on by the students of ACP.

Karaoke night started at 6:00 P.M. and danced all the way to 8:00 P.M., drawing more and more people into the cafeteria as the evening progressed. The tables sprinkled across the floor of the cafeteria were adorned with neon detail- glow sticks, colorful centerpieces, light up balloons, and of course a fun table covering!

The room was dark, but the glowing stage invited students to climb up the stage and have some fun with it! It was casual, and plenty of times someone picked a silly song on purpose to get some laughs! The snacks and drinks were delicious and enjoyed throughout the night as High School Musical’s sound track shook the rafters!

StuGo put on a wonderful show and the night was a raging success! Many neon-illuminated students came and had a great time. Go StuGo and go Knights!