ACP’s Badminton Player Go to State!


Photo courtesy of Sejal Jain.

At the conclusion of the season, our Badminton team got to go to state!  State is where all the schools in Arizona that have a Badminton team submit their three best players:  Varsity one, two, and three.  ACP proudly sent Candy Gao, our varsity one player that has been playing Badminton for seven years.  Very quiet and composed off court, but intense and in control on the court best exemplifies the athletic talents of our Candy Gao.  Ashley Yang, also a very skilled player, played doubles with Candy and they absolutely gave it their all!  This is Ashley’s first year on the team as a freshman. Our very own Saanvi Agrawal, varsity three, who has been playing since she was little, played a mean singles game against Mesquite.

The badminton team with their coach, Mrs. Klauer. Photo courtesy of Sejal Jain.

The first rounds were all qualification rounds, and despite her greatest efforts, Saanvi lost her long, well-fought, singles match and rejoined her team above covered in sweat, but smiling because she gave it her best.

Candy Gao and Ashley Yang played their first doubles match against Apollo in the qualification rounds and split in a fast-paced game.  When they won they were proud and exhausted, and their team was jubilant! They moved on to the first real round.  Up against Mesquite, they fought with tremendous effort, moving fast, displaying quick reflexes, and amazing the crowd in the graceful dance that sports take on when really experienced people compete.

Photo courtesy of Sejal Jain.

However dazzling, both sides played; there would be a winner and a loser, one would move on.  Unfortunately, Candy and Ashley lost.

The whole badminton team fought the entire season as hard as they could, winning and laughing together, never giving up, losing with grace, being good sports, and showing the best of ACP!  Great job Badminton team!  We’re proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished this season; good luck next year!