ACP’s Homecoming Game!


Last Friday night our ACP Erie football team destroyed Chino Valley at our homecoming football game!  The energy of the crowd spilled over the bleachers and onto the field as ACP’s cheer team led the spectators in cheers and chants.  Every touch down made by the Knights was punctuated by the loud cheering of the assembled crowd and the band’s upbeat celebratory barrage of notes and tunes.

The Friday night game was just like the movies-the stands were filled on the home game side with rambunctious students munching on popcorn and other fun treats.  You could hear the announcer spitting out fun facts, scores, and players’ accomplishments.  It was such a fun, traditional high school event that a great deal of graduates and students made attendance that night to hang out with friends and cheer on our awesome football team.

Our principal, Mr. Bickes, was so confident in our team’s ability to win that he placed a friendly wager with the principal of Chino Valley about wearing each other’s colors and we won 42-0!  Be on the look out for Chino Valley’s principal wearing our school’s colors!

Of course, since this is our Homecoming game we had to announce the winners of the Homecoming King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, and Lord and Lady.  There much anticipation and excitement in the air as the nominees were called forward and lined up for pictures.  Everyone held still waiting to hear who had been picked, and the announcements were almost drowned out by the high-pitched screaming and  cheering of friends calling out to their Homecoming court.

  • King and Queen: Nadia Fernando  and James Chadwick
  • Prince and Princess: Amy Tran and Noah Croft
  • Duke and Duchess: Bryce Chen and Jennyfer Park
  • Lord and Lady: Joseph Fortunato  and Presley Brewer

The Homecoming game was a hit, and you couldn’t ask for a better lead into the Homecoming dance the next night!  Have fun in your last week of the quarter, Knights!