Breaking Down the Scholarship Search Process

Breaking Down the Scholarship Search Process

With our Juniors turning their attention to higher education, the value of finding scholarships has never been higher. With the amount of websites that now exist to help find scholarships, the search can be a stressful experience to students.

Scholarship Websites:

All of the following websites utilize a similar formula to find scholarships. By creating an account, and filling out baseline questions to personalize results,  each website gives a personalized detail of available scholarships.

Going Merry



Tips for Scholarship Searching:

      1. Don’t forget about smaller scholarships

The competition for smaller scholarships is often much lighter than larger, more rewarding scholarships. Applying for any scholarships, no matter the cash reward, is a good opportunity for those looking to cheapen the cost of college.

      2. Check for scholarships from schools you’re interested in

Many schools offer specialized scholarships for interested students. Checking the websites of colleges can provide information on scholarships that are not available for all schools.

      3. Seek non-academic scholarships

For students already seeking to bolster their application, finding non-academic additions is easier than you think! While you’re searching for the next volunteering opportunity, don’t forget to seek related scholarships. Community-service scholarships are common and very rewarding. Similarly, athletic scholarships (albeit rare) are attainable for those that are extremely successful in the sport.

Scholarships are one of the most pivotal aspects of a college search. From FAFSA to writing competitions, scholarships can provide much to the final decision of a student. To make sure that you don’t miss out on scholarships, start the search early! Looking at prospective scholarships is a great strategy to get ahead of the curve.