Fun Things To Do Over Your Winter Break!

Fun Things To Do Over Your Winter Break!

Winter is coming, or as winter as Arizona can get. The temperature will drop to 40 degrees, and the sky will either be cloudy, or bright and windy, After the massive stress of finals and the last week of school, winter break is a refreshing break from homework. Another perk is the chill in the air, and the delight of not having to go back to school until January 10th, 2023.

Hang Out With Your Friends

While it may seem like the most general thing to do, everything is better with friends. Almost everything on this list will include friends or activities that would be foolish to do alone. But visiting someone’s house, going to the mall, or to the movies are classic adventures that never get old!

Go Ice Skating

It’s winter break and you should do things that really feel like winter, because unlike our chilly friends on the north-east coast, it doesn’t snow here (in the Valley) but luckily places like AzIce Gilbert have full ice rinks (with public skating) that everyone can enjoy! For more info visit:

Drive out to Flagstaff and Ski at the Snowbowl


While down here in the valley we don’t get snow, up north in Flagstaff there is so much snow that we (the state of Arizona) have decided to open The Snowbowl Ski Resort, the best ski resort this side of New Mexico. Ski down the slopes with friends and family then go back to the lodge and enjoy some hot cocoa while sitting next to a fire, stay the night in one of the rooms, then repeat it all again! for more info visit:

If skating, skiing, sledding (make use of the snow up north), and friendships aren’t your things, then stay home, sleep, hang out with your families, play videogames, board games, call your cousins, the opportunities are endless, just make sure to come back January 10th with a fresh mind, and ready to follow the Prep Way. Go Knights!