A New Tradition is Coming To ACP

As we finally begin the last week of the third quarter, preparations for fourth quarter events start with high hopes and excitement for the final few months of the school year. This year, ACP will be starting a new tradition that will hopefully stay for many more years to come.

ACP’s football team.

On Friday, April 5th, ACP Erie will be hosting it’s first ever “Powder Puff” Football Game at Chandler High. Sponsored by ACP Football Boosters, this circuit of all female flag-football teams will allow students to explore new sports. The freshman and sophomores will play at 5:30, and the championship game between the juniors and seniors will take place at 7 pm.

The night will have more than just football to offer: there will be concessions, a raffle, silent auction, a corn hole tournament, and a football throwing contest. ACP’s boys football team will also perform at the halftime show for entertainment. The school’s cheerleaders will be teaching the boys their routines before the awaited game.

Mya Casey, a sophomore and cheerleader at Erie, was kind enough to explain to us more in depth about the upcoming game and halftime show.

Q: What is a “powder puff” game?

A: A powder puff game is a flag football game that is played between girls from different grades. In our school’s case, the football team (along with any other boys who want to join) will cheer the girls’ teams on.

Q: What’s so special about the game?

A: With football and cheer switching roles, it’ll give everyone a fresh taste of a sport that none of them have experience in. Maybe it’ll even change someone’s perspective on sport dynamics as a whole.

Q: Who will be performing at halftime? 

A: The halftime show will be performed by all the boys that signed up to join cheer.

Mya Casey at a cheer competition.

Q: How many routines will the boys be learning?

A: Practices will start Wednesday, March 27th and will be held every following morning (besides Mondays and weekends) at 6:20. The guys will be performing one halftime routine (including a dance and stunting).

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Any 9-12th grade boy will be welcome to sign up for the cheer practices prior to the game.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?

A: I’m so excited to see people step a little outside their comfort zone. Both cheer and football have their difficult parts, so it’ll be super cool to see how we all do when we switch sports for a change.

A huge thank you to Mya for taking the time to explain to us about the upcoming game. The game will take place at Chandler High at 5:30 and will be a lot of fun. Make sure to come and cheer on your favorite class!