Mr. Bishop’s Road to Success

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ACP’s community is full of those who perceive life differently, those who crave change and guidance in order to better our community as a whole. ACP isn’t only defined as students and faculty, but also the parents of our students and volunteers who tirelessly work in order to morph ACP into something even better. One of these gracious people is Mr. Bishop, an active member in our school community who has helped shape ACP into the school we are today.

Mr. Bishop, pictured left, has aided ACP in many ways, one of the more prominent being his active involvement in ACP’s extracurricular activities. In an interview, Mr. Bishop stated how he first became involved with school activities was through being a member on the Site Council for CTA-Junior High as Hamilton and CTA merged into a single committee. He also reminisced how he participated in Art Masterpiece and helped students through tutoring. Furthermore, when asked what motivated Mr. Bishop to help ACP develop into the school it is today, he said, “I am a proud and passionate defender of public education. Simply put, a successful and well-supported education system is a basic requirement for a functioning democracy and sustainable society. Everyone benefits when we support public education, not just students, parents, and teachers, but the entire community.” Also, Mr. Bishop was one of the founding members of “Yes for Chandler Students”. “This committee was primarily responsible for helping to pass school bonds and budget overrides for CUSD. The school bond that was passed in the 2015 election was worth nearly $200 million to the district for numerous renovation projects,” said Mr. Bishop, “The Budget overrides which we helped pass in 2013 and 2017 helped raise money to give our talented and hard working teachers a much deserved raise.” Mr. Bishop is very proud of this great accomplishment and of the committee as a whole. Knights, Mr. Bishop has been a devout member of our community, and a passionate member of CUSD as a whole, for a long time. For these reasons, and many more, Mr. Bishop was recently publicly acknowledged with an award.

Mr. Bishop’s many accomplishments lead the path to him receiving his award, which was under the category of “Advocacy and Political Contributions to Public Education”. In an interview regarding his award, Mr. Bishop clarified that he received his award in November and was presented at Chandler Center for the Arts. This award is a great, tangible item to commemorate many of Mr. Bishop’s fabulous achievements. This award is a great success for our district as a whole, and Knights, we are incredibly lucky to have Mr. Bishop as an active member on our campus. If you see Mr. Bishop around campus, make sure to congratulate him on this one-of-a-kind award.