Tre Spivey Earns MLB Recognition

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Tre Spivey Earns MLB Recognition

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The intense athleticism shared by our ACP students extends past the high school classes. 8th grader Ernest “Tre” Spivey III has worked his way into baseball recognition as the Dream Series recognizes commendable youth baseball talent across the nation. Among talented baseball players like Marquis Grissom Jr., son of Major Leaguer Marquis Grissom, and Andre Duplantier, cousin of the commendable D-Backs prospect Jon Duplantier, Spivey represents the talent that ACP brings to the table. Under the direction of his father, former Diamondbacks second baseman, Spivey works for the purest love of the sport and an undying commitment to his team. This future all-star met with me to discuss his participation in the Dream League.

Q: What is the Dream Series?

A: The Dream Series is a camp made to help players across the world – to help with pitching skills and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Q: How has your father influenced the way you play Baseball?

A: He’s had a great influence on my ability. Ever since I was young, he has been teaching me to play up. I honestly can’t ask for a better coach than him. He had MLB experience which seriously helps me on and off the mound.

Q: How has the Dream Series changed the way you see the sport?

A: The Dream Series made the sport way more fun to me. Besides getting to improve my game, I made a ton of friends and was able to enjoy the series outside of just playing the sport. It was a new and amazing experience.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of a baseball team?

A: It’s all in the game. The game itself is my first love, and it has always been in my heart.

Q: What advice can you give to other people who are considering playing baseball?

A: It’s one of those sports that you need to stick with. You want to fall in love with the sport, otherwise it’s just another grind. It takes a lot of dedication to have fun with it.

Q: How do you deal with the expectations and pressure presented by the sport and your fathers’ previous experience on the field?

A: I work hard to take my mind off of it and focus on what’s happening on the field at that moment. Focusing on what I love first really helps keep my mind clear before a game, and tunnel vision when I’m playing keeps me focused and alert.

Tre Spivey characterizes the true essence of the sport; a love for his team, the field, and the game that surrounds his life. The immense pressure that derives from being the son of a former major league baseball player is a difficult obstacle for any one athlete to face, but Spivey hits head on as he continues to grow recognition locally and nationally. Congratulations to Tre Spivey on this commendable feat, and we can’t wait to see him follow, and eventually surpass, his father’s footsteps.