Varsity Volleyball Defeats Ben Franklin High School


As fast as the end of first quarter is approaching, ACP’s many sports teams are preparing for their first game of the season. ACP’s Varsity Volleyball Team competed in their first game against Ben Franklin High School this past Thursday, September 5. With a final score of 27-25 for round one (Knight’s win), 25-4 for round two (Knight’s win), and 25-15 for round three (Knight’s win), ACP played an extraordinary game!

I asked Whitney Riley, a current senior and Varsity Volleyball Player some questions about the game, and here is what she said:

Q: In your, opinion, how did the team do overall?

A: “Overall, the team played well. We stayed playing as a team even when we got down in points and I’m so proud of that!”

Q: What was one thing you were shocked at, impressed by, or proud of that you or your team did during the game?

A: “I was impressed we had such good serving this game! We went on a bunch of long streaks, which is super impressive.”

Along with the excitement of their first game, Whitney Riley, current senior, celebrated her senior night. To clarify, a senior night is when a senior is honored and recognized in their sports, for it will be their last season playing. It is a way to congratulate the seniors on all their hard work and effort. In an interview, Whitney explained how it means so much when the people you love come to your senior night game and support you, and she celebrated her special night by going out to dinner with her family.

Furthermore, Whitney stated how the volleyball team has some amazing memories, just like many other teams, with her favorite memory being the time the volleyball team went to a training camp at the University of Arizona, because “We played volleyball all day and then got to hang out at night- both years it was just so fun.” Also, Whitney stated that her advice to her past self, which can be used to help current and aspiring volleyball players, ACP students, and all high school students in general, is to enjoy it while it lasts. She continued by reminiscing on how fast her years at ACP have flown by and that she wishes she “hadn’t taken for granted all the fun opportunities offered at our school.”

Knights, if you see any players from our Varsity Volleyball Team around campus, make sure to congratulate them on their game well played!