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Jinoo Park: ACP’s Dexterous Violinist


Recently, a few students from ACP attended the Inaugural Arizona International Music Competition (AIMC). Among these skillful students is Jinoo Park, a junior who won second place in the Violin Concerto Competition, Senior Category. Although this wasn’t Jinoo’s first win at a musical competition, it was still a crucial attainment for him. Jinoo plays the violin, an instrument from the sixteenth century. The violin is a fundamental instrument mainly for an Orchestra, as it is a primary component of the music played.

Jinoo first discovered this tuneful implement in the sixth grade. Since then, he has performed in competitions such as the Chicago International Music Competition, Arizona Music Festival, and American Protege. At AIMC, Jinoo Park beautifully performed Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 22. He chose to play this because, if played correctly, this masterpiece can sound very mellifluous. Even though Jinoo would not consider playing the violin his proclivity, he will compete again next year. If you are inspired and want to get into playing the violin, Jinoo recommends, “Start by playing an interesting instrument, no matter its level of difficulty. Always stay consistent and constantly practice in your spare time. Nothing comes for free, so work hard to fulfill many things. The most important piece is never to stop believing in yourself. Don’t give up.”

Playing the Violin is not always easy, but Jinoo Park makes it look that way. Jinoo is a very wondrous and auspicious student as well as a violinist. The ACP family could not be prouder. Jinoo is someone we can always look up to, and we cannot wait to see what he further accomplishes. His musical achievement serves as a reminder to us to always strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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