ACP Soccer Goes to Championships


Teamwork is a crucial aspect of success in any field, and it is no different in sports. Our school soccer team is a perfect example of how teamwork can lead to great accomplishments. When all the players work together, they are able to coordinate their efforts and utilize their individual strengths to achieve a common goal. The players must communicate effectively and trust each other, as well as the coaching staff, to succeed. Teamwork allows everyone to rely on one another and play to their strengths, resulting in a stronger, more cohesive unit. Teamwork also fosters a sense of community, which can greatly enhance the overall experience for all involved. Whether it’s in soccer or any other sport, teamwork is the foundation of success and should always be encouraged and cultivated.


Recently, ACP’s Girl’s and Boy’s Soccer teams were crowned the 4A East Sky Region Champions. This honor was achieved through the use of teamwork- without it, the teams most likely wouldn’t have had as successful of a season.


I got the opportunity to talk to Kelli Zahradnik (12), a center back and center forward on Varsity Girls Soccer. She started playing soccer at just five years old and has been playing ever since. Her inspiration comes to her from her dad, who was her first coach, and her older brother. This year, unfortunately, Kelli tore her ACL, which prevented her from playing with the team physically. She wishes that she could go back in time to the day of the game, in which she tore her ACL, to prevent herself from playing and getting hurt, but her injury didn’t stop her from showing up to all the games and cheering the team on! She loves seeing how well the team interacts and works together, so going to the games was something that brought her lots of joy. To Kelli, teamwork is what makes the team successful. With it, all the players were able to pass the balls to each other and around the other team. This year, specifically, she feels that the team has done a great job with working together to create an amazing season.

Congratulations to all of ACP’s Soccer teams for performing so well this season and putting so much time and effort into the sport. Don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary, Go Knights!