Sinjin Ovalle’s Experience at the 2022 Thanksgiving Shootout

Sinjin Ovalles Experience at the 2022 Thanksgiving Shootout

As we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s time to look back at our greatest accomplishments that happened during the year of 2022. For some of us, it can be making it to a state championship, and for some of others, it can be making stronger and more everlasting relationships with other people and with ourselves. For one particular person at our school, Sinjin Ovalle to be specific, it’s about improving in a sport that he has strived to excel at: hockey. As we acknowledge Sinjin’s participation in the the 2022 Thanksgiving Shootout hosted by Arizona Hockey Clubs (not associated to our school), we’ll traverse through time to his novice years in hockey and how far he as come from then.

Sinjin is a sophomore this year and has played hockey for over seven years. In his free time, he likes to practice outside and watch Netflix. He wanted to continue playing hockey in high school because of the potential experiences he could have, the people he could meet, and how he could improve as a hockey player. “Some key takeaways”, Sinjin says “are the bonds you create from playing with the same guys together and the chemistry that comes from that.”. When asked what he looks forward to most in his hockey career, he says that its his junior and senior year “because that’s where you can meet the most people and play at the high level”. Sinjin explains that he has “significantly improved on my scoring ability and finding the back of the net. Last year, I didn’t have that many points stats-wise, but this year, I’ve scored the first couple of games and I hope to work on my speed and hand-eye coordination, so I can make the jump to the next level.” While Sinjin doesn’t currently have a picture of where he sees himself by the end of his high school career, he explains that “I’ll just play my game and see where it takes me.”

As the year of 2023 approaches, it is important that we reflect back on where we started at the beginning of the year and acknowledge how much we have improved since then. I mean, twelve months of practicing something, be it hockey or another activity, obviously makes all the difference in hindsight. So, while we reflect on the year of 2022, don’t forget to give credit where it is due and be proud of yourselves for all the progress you have made. And as always, remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!