Seasonal Recipes to Follow this Autumn

Seasonal Recipes to Follow this Autumn

The fall season has finally struck in Arizona! Not only has the weather become incredibly chilly for us, but the autumn season decorations are constantly found at every story, from Halloween to Thanksgiving coloring books. However, no amount of glowing lights can beat the sweet aroma the comes from the kitchen. Today, we’ll be looking at some recipes that you can cook at home to celebrate the official arrival of fall!

Candy Apples: Starting off with a Halloween classic, these sweet treats are the go-to snack at every autumn-themed event. They only take 15 minutes to cook and nothing is sweeter than these toffee-coated red apples.

Apple Pie: Another classic is the apple pie! The combination and mixture of the savory crust and the sweetness of the apples truly does enhance the flavor of this dessert. Though it is much longer to make (almost three hours including cooling time), the effort is worth it as this treat is a great to make for a big event or gathering.

Pumpkin cheesecake: A courteous nod to its ancestor, the pumpkin pie, this dessert is perfect if you’re not the biggest apple fan, but still want to get into the autumnal season. A drizzle of caramel and a touch of whipped cream makes this homey dessert even sweeter.

Sweet Potato Cobbler: Stepping aside from the fruit, we have this charming fellow! Simmering with cinnamon and brown sugar, the softness of the sweet potato makes this dessert filling for the stomach and yummy for your taste buds.

Apple Cider: Finally, a drink to accompany these tasty meals or any delicious meals that you plan to prepare for this autumn! Containing naturally sweet apples and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, this drink is refreshing and absolutely delicious to sip as you curl up to a good book. You can even add sparkling water if you want to turn it into more of a soda!

We have only a month left to cherish 2022’s fall season, so make sure to get in all those memories with friends and family! While Arizona doesn’t have the same environmental changes that other states and countries have, that shouldn’t stop you from living in your own autumn fantasy!