The Boot

The Boot

Sandy ran through the house, she was being pursued, and it wouldn’t stop. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! She turned around and saw it, All ten inches in horrific terrifying beauty. Lightning flashed, thunder cracked, Sandy screamed, then was silent.

One Week earlier… Monday

Sandy Johnson was a senior at James Jack Jameson High School. She was also quite intelligent, and a redhead. Her boyfriend, Jordan Dove, was captain of the varsity football team (Go JJJHS Coal Miners!), with the street smarts to match. Their group of friends consisted of Connie Myers (a butcher’s daughter and captain of volleyball), Eddie Voorhees (son of parents who own a franchise of summer camps), Francine Krueger (daughter of a factory worker, co-head of the cheer squad), and Finally Randy Loomis (son of a “bad-boy”, defensive linebacker of the football team).

They were one of, if not the closest groups of friends ever seen by staff or students at JJJHS, so of course when their favorite horror movie The Spooksters got a sequel, (The Spooksters 2: Revenge of The Spook) they had to go see it after it came out in theaters. And because of reasons, add some kooky old man with some local mythos, so they decided to summon a mythical creature, from some 200 years ago… a Boot, cursed by a vengeful neighbor to haunt to town of Townburgh, which is where our cast of characters resides.


Connie and Eddie were walking home from JJJHS when they heard a sound reminiscent of a boot stepping, “Do you hear that?” Connie said, turning to face Eddie

“What?” he said, “I’m pretty sure that’s just the sound of our… boots”, his eyes widened.

The two turned around, “Run!” said Connie.

The two sprinted down Sidealley Ave. and shrieked.


Sandy was watching the news when a breaking news headline came on:

“Two students of James Jack Jameson High School, Connie Myers and Eddie Voorhees were reported missing yesterday at 5:45 P.M., so if you have any information, please call the Townburgh police, or the Channel Nine News Channel at (889-4259), and now onto the weather with Jim…”

That day everyone at JJJHS was on edge, after the mysterious disappearances of Connie and Eddie, and a curfew was instated by the town so that no more teenagers would go missing, but was it enough?

Sandy was talking to her grandmother Jolie, who was a phone psychic in the Townburgh’s neighboring city of Townville, when she gave her a gift, and on the gift tag was written ‘Use it when you need it’.


News stations across Townington county rang out “More teens go missing, suspect still not confirmed…”

Sandy was talking to her mother “I think I know what’s happening-” but was interrupted by a knock on the door, “who could that be?” she asked.