Beginning of Our Fall Sports

Welcome one and all to the end of our first month in this school year! As we all progress toward our goals, the sports teams begin to select their star players to defeat the other schools and progress from being simple knights to kings and queens of the court. Of course, the teams have tryouts at different times, but all of them are being held this week from August 8th to August 12; the times and locations are as follows:

All athletes need to ensure they have registered at Register My Athlete, a website where schools can gather the necessary information for the students to be able to play the sports. You can find the website here. From what I gathered, the process is easy and won’t take longer than ten minutes.

We hope that this can help you all find the sports that you want to play, and if you don’t want to play but are interested in how our school performs, you can check our very own news site, where all of the most recent games are posted with their scores within a day of the game ends. We wish all our athletes good luck in the year to come! Go Knights!