Bryce Chen and The Football Scholarship


As the school year is coming to a close, various groups and colleges are handing out scholarships for different reasons, from STEM to sports, there are a lot of different scholarships that students can apply for to make college a little bit easier. Recently, Bryce Chen was awarded the Core Construction Scholarship by the National Football Foundation along with 23 other high school seniors. We sat down with him and asked a few questions about the scholarship.

Q: What is the National football foundation and who backs it?

A: The National Football Foundation is a group that sponsors football players who show excellence both on the field and in the classroom.

Q: How and why were you picked?

A: My football coach sent in a letter of recommendation to the foundation, and I had to keep up my GPA and my football career. I don’t really know how they selected the winners because they don’t share the selection process with others.

Q: How did the event play out, and what did you do there?

A: It was a ceremony so it mainly consisted of them calling up the winners and describing each person who won. I was awarded the Core Construction scholarship, which focuses on balancing academic and sports life.

Q: What positions do you play, and what does the position require of you?

A: I play wide receiver, which means I’m usually the one who runs the field trying to score touchdowns and catch the ball.

Q: Why do you play football, and how long have you been playing it?

A: I play football because I love it; I think it’s a fun and challenging sport. I love the rest of my team and how we all feel like one big family. Ever since I started 11 years ago, I loved the aspect of the team.

We are proud of Bryce and how he was awarded the scholarship through his hard work. Bryce plans to pursue a career in electrical engineering while also still doing football at the college of his choice. Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary, and one day you may also receive a scholarship for something you are passionate about. Go Knights!