ST. Patrick’s Day

ST. Patricks Day

Many people around the world either know or celebrate St Patrick’s Day without knowing the history behind it. It is actually pretty interesting to see how St Patrick’s day came to be. Most just know that it comes from Ireland; however, while researching the origin story of St. Patrick’s day, I discovered a lot of fascinating information about how and why it is a holiday celebrated not only in America but all around the world.

St. Patrick’s day was originally celebrated in Ireland and accompanied by religious services and feasts that were made to honor St. Patrick. who was one of Ireland’s patron saints. Also, St. Patrick’s day commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and just celebrates Irish culture in general. St. Patrick was said that to perform miracles, like driving all the snakes of Ireland into the sea. Also people believed that he raised up to 33 people from the dead.

St. Patrick’s day officially became a holiday in 1762, when Irish soldiers in the British army brought the holiday to America and it stuck. The reason why people wear green on St. Patrick’s day is that the color of the Irish flag is green and white, and it symbolizes Irish nationalism and having pride in their country. One of the very fun and old traditions of St. Patrick’s Day is pinching people if they are not wearing green. The reason why people do this is that leprechauns are usually mischievous and can sneak up behind you and pinch you at any time. So people mimic this motion showing more pride in Ireland.

Some interesting facts about St. Patrick’s day are the shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, the first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in America was in Boston, and the color of St. Patrick’s day was originally blue. Overall, St. Patrick’s Day is an awesome holiday that many people from different countries celebrate. I encourage you to do research of your own and look into the origin story of other holidays as well.